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More than 5000m2 of equipped laboratory space for organic synthesis and analytical chemistry

More than 110 highly qualified (PhD) researchers

IOS possesses wide range of necessary equipment to perform research in organic and medicinal chemistry, pharmacology and analytical chemistry:

  • the largest NMR facility in Baltic countries consisting of 300MHz, 400MHz (two systems) 600MHz and 800MHz spectrometers with various probes and accessories including CP MAS-probe, cryoprobe etc.
  • X-ray diffractometry equipment for single crystals and powders with access to Cambridge Crystallographic Database
  • various spectroscopy equipment including EPR system, FTIR spectrometer, mass spectroscopy equipment etc.
  • equipment for gas chromatography (FID, ECD, TCD, MSD), high performance and ultra-performance liquid chromatography (UV, fluorescence detection, SQ-MSD, TQ-MSD, automated derivatization systems) and high performance thin layer chromatography
  • a CPU-GPU hybrid computer cluster for molecular modeling purposes with Schrödinger software applications
  • GMP-certified facility for stability testing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and final dosage forms with complete set of qualified equipment
  • facility for pharmacological and biological studies including in-vitro, ex-vivo and in-vivo tests