IOS has long experience in drug design and discovery. In the past 18 original medicines were invented by the Institute. Today IOS offers medicinal chemistry services for industrial customers. 

The scientific competence of IOS researchers allows us to provide our customers with compounds that are not commercially available. Custom synthesis of organic compounds is performed from a milligram scale up to hundred-gram amounts.

The development of original preparation methods of already known active molecules is one of the main research directions of the Institute. Reduction of the number of synthetic steps, replacement of potentially harmful reagents and solvents with those which are acceptable for the pharmaceutical industry are the usual goals for these projects.

The biological activity testing subunits in IOS have highly skilled research staff and up-to date equipment to perform both independent pharmacological studies and to assist medicinal chemists by activity screening tests. Pharmacological experiments are followed by in-depth analysis of the obtained tissue samples in collaboration with analytical units of IOS.