Organic and medicinal chemistry resources

Preparative flash chromatography systems:

  •  with automatic fraction collectors and UV detector for normal and reversed phase chromatography (Biotage and Armen Instruments)
  • with automatic fraction collector and ELSD detector for normal and reverse phase chromatography (Reveleris)

Preparative HPLC systems:

  • with mass-triggered detector (Waters)
  • with UV detectors (Shimadzu)

Analytical UPLC systems with MS selective detectors, ES ionization (Waters)

GC/MS systems (Agilent Technologies)

Vacuum centrifuges (Genevac) and sample evaporation system (Biotage V-10)

Parallel synthesis carousel (Radleys)

Microwave synthesizer (Biotage)

Flow reaction systems (X-Cube and Uniqsys)

Glovebox for handling of air and moisture sensitive materials (MBraun)

Solvent purification station for delivery of high grade reaction solvents: Et2O, Tol, THF, DCM (MBraun)

MestRenova NMR processing software, ChemDraw Professional 15.1 software

Sci-Finder and Scopus database search tools

Reagent and building block stocks with ca 10’000 chemicals both commercial and self-made

Chemo- and bioinformatics resources:

  • Shroedinger, Gaussian and PyMol softwares for computer assisted drug design
  • 120 CPU/20 GPU Computer cluster