Analytical chemistry resources

Analytical HPLC systems

  • Waters QuatroMicro tandem UPLC/MS/MS system
  • Waters Xevo TQS tandem UPLC/MS/MS system
  • Waters Synapt GII Q-ToF UPLC/MS system
  • Waters Xevo TQ-S Micro tandem UPLC/MS/MS system
  • Waters Alliance Separation Modules with UV/Vis, PDA, ELSD and fluorescence detectors

GC/FID system

  • Agilent 7690 GC with MSD

Polarimeter (Rudolph Autopol 6)

Microanalysis systems

  • Carlo Erba and Costech  (content of C, H, N and S)

NMR systems

  • 400 MHz NMR system (autosampler, solution state BB probe, Varian 400-MR)
  • 400 MHz NMR system (solution (BB) and solid state probes, Varian Mercury)
  • 300 MHz NMR system (open access spectrometer, autosampler, Bruker Fourier)

X-ray spectrometers

  • powder (Rigaku)
  • single crystal (Bruker)

FT-IR spectrometer

  • Shimadzu FT-IR spectrometer with IR spectra library

EPR Spectroscopy

  • Bruker BioSpin X-band EPR spectrometer