About IOS

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) is a state research institute specializing in organic chemistry, pharmaceutical research, molecular biology, and bioorganic chemistry.

LIOS is the leading drug discovery and development centre in the Baltics. We have more than 65 years of experience in drug design and technology development. IOS delivered 18 original and more than 100 generic medicines to our industrial partners.

LIOS is the workplace for 236 employees, including 189 PhD and MSc.


The mission of LIOS is incorporated in the LIOS development strategy 2022-2027 stating that LIOS aims to successfully merge achievements of innovative academic research in organic chemistry and pharmacology with competence in applied research of medicinal chemistry, thus, contributing to the development of science in Latvia and quality of life of society.


According to Statutes, the aim of LIOS is to conduct scientific activity in the fields of chemistry, pharmacy, pharmacology, biology and other natural sciences in accordance with State defined politics of development of science and technology.

LIOS has defined two strategic goals:

  • to become the leading EU research centre of drug discovery;
  • to establish a fully integrated drug discovery and preclinical development platform.

Our strengths

  • teams of experienced organic chemists capable to solve challenging synthetic tasks
  • strong analytical chemistry support and experience in the application of advanced structure assignment methods (multidimensional NMR, X-ray analysis etc.)
  • wide range of established in vivoex vivo and in vitro pharmacology assays
  • efficient teamwork with pharmacologists, molecular modelling professionals and other experts for a higher success rate