Recruitment of the Doctoral (PhD) student (Natural Products) of Natural Products Research group

Project Natural Products Research at Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis as a Driver for Excellence in Innovation
Acronym Natalion
Career profile R1

Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) is offering a fixed-term position (36 months, with the possibility for extension) for a Doctoral (PhD) student of the Natural Products Research (NPR) group. The position is offered within the call HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-TALENTS-01 ERA Chair project Natalion.

The laboratory has strong expertise in the isolation and characterization of natural products and biosynthesis. We employ chemical biology to solve problems in human health. To achieve this goal, we focused on the discovery of microbial natural products from the Baltic area, which includes a fundamental understanding of their structures, biosynthesis, and biological activities. To further drive the research, we are closely collaborating with other groups at LIOS and the Italian biotech company, NAICONS. We offer a friendly, flexible, and innovative working environment. Three general research directions will be:

  • accessing microbial diversity unique to the Baltic area;
  • setting up collections of microbial fermentation extracts;
  • establishing genomic and metabolomics platforms

Evaluation criteria and methodology for the recruitment of the Doctoral student of Natural Products Research Group (download here)

Responsibilities and obligations

  • To perform a project that involves the discovery of microbial natural products from the Baltic area.
  • To identify the bioactive natural products by interdisciplinary approaches (bioinformatics, metabolomics, omics, bioassays-guided isolation).
  • To characterize the bioactive natural products by spectroscopic techniques (LC-MS, NMR, and chemical derivatization/degradation/synthesis) and molecular biology techniques (heterologous expression and in vitro biochemical assay).
  • To adhere to ethical standards.
  • To respect contractual and legal obligations.
  • To act according to professional standards.


  • To have flexibility in working time.
  • To have stability of employment.
  • To have safe and up-to date work environment (incl. the right to define the necessary infrastructure).
  • To enjoy equal non-discriminatory treatment throughout career development path.
  • To choose measures for professional development.
  • To receive agreed upon remuneration.
  • To have rights to complaints and appeals.
  • All the above mentioned responsibilities, rights, and obligations are enforced by employment contract and LIOS internal rules and regulations.


  • Basic salary EUR 32 200,- p.a. before tax.
  • Health insurance.

Applications must be in English and include:

  • motivation letter
  • CV
  • optional – recommendation letters

Applications Deadline

19 May 2024 – 17:00 (Europe/Riga)

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