The New Twinning Project led by the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis will further strengthen our Potential in the Development of New Antibacterials

As of September 2020, the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) has started the implementation of a 3-year project Springboard for excellence in advanced development of antibacterials (SPRINGBOARD). SPRINGBOARD is funded by the European Union Research and Innovation programme Horizon 2020 under the Twinning call Spreading excellence and widening participation.

The main goal of the SPRINGBOARD project is to strengthen the research potential of LIOS in the field of advanced discovery and design of novel antibacterial drugs through establishing a sustainable and long-term collaboration with leading counterparts – University of Antwerp, University of Copenhagen, University of Florence and the University of Helsinki. The coordinator of this project is Prof. Raivis Žalubovskis from LIOS.

Scientists from LIOS, especially early-stage researchers will have opportunities to study new approaches and methodologies in discovering new antibacterial agents, participate in staff exchanges, attend conferences, participate in specialized training that supports excellence in science and build capacity for the participation in competitive joint project proposals.

SPRINGBOARD dissemination and outreach activities will contribute to actual socio-economic challenges in connection with widespread infectious diseases and increase public awareness for the necessity to develop new antibacterial drugs for combating antimicrobial resistance.

The virtual kick-off meeting of SPRINGBOARD was held on 28th of September, during which the partners discussed the implementation of the various actions planned under the project.

On 29th of September in a semi-virtual Topicalities in antibacterial drug design seminar, outstanding professors from universities of Antwerp, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Florence, Montpellier and Wageningen provided a comprehensive overview on the current landscape in the discovery of novel antibacterials.

For more information visit the project website .