Towards a more sustainable European pharmaceutical production of APIs

Grant Agreement ID
Implementation period
01.06.2022. – 31.05.2026.
Universiteit Gent (Belgium)
HORIZON.2.1 – Health (main),
HORIZON.2.1.5 – Tools, Technologies and Digital Solutions for Health and Care, including personalised medicine
Call for proposal
Total Budget
€ 8 077 101,25 (EU contribution € 8 039 600,25)
Project participants (10)
University of Helsinki, Finland
Circa Group AS, Norway
Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands
Leuphana University, Germany
KelAda Pharmachem, Ireland
Orion Corporation, Finland
National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, Netherlands
Ecologic Institute GmbH, Germany
Benkei, France
Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS), Latvia
University of York, United Kingdom
LIOS Budget
€ 425 060,00 (EU contribution)
Project leader in LIOS
Prof. Aigars Jirgensons
Anna Lielpētere, PhD

Pharmaceuticals comprise a wide variety of chemical compounds designed to guarantee safe and effective therapies. The active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are those that deliver the beneficial health effects experienced by patients. The goal of the EU-funded TransPharm project is to develop more sustainable and greener APIs that simultaneously reduce the environmental footprint and the dependence on third countries for API production. TransPharm will deliver digital tools and guidelines based on artificial intelligence for the development of greener pharmaceutical products and APIs, as well as models to judge their impact. The result will be a more independent and competitive European pharmaceutical industry, which can ensure the timely delivery of sustainable and green therapeutics to its citizens.