F-Nodal Synthesis: Exploring Potential of Monofluorinated One Carbon Synthons

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Project No.
Project coordinator
Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS)
Project leader
Dr. Jānis Veliks (LIOS)
Implementation period
36 months (2023-2026)
Total costs
300 000 EUR

The aim of this project is to explore synthetic potential of one-fluorine-one-carbon synthons.

Fluorinated compounds can be found in many pharmaceutical drugs. The expected project results will contribute to the development of new synthetic technologies which could be used in drug discovery, lead optimization programs in pharmaceutical industry.

The expected reagents and synthetic methodologies will be applicable to R&D and process chemistry in pharmaceutical research. In longer term the project results could contribute to development of new pharmaceutical drugs with improved properties as well as result in positive impact on public health.