Development of injectable biomimetic hydrogels for engineering of cartilage tissue


Call Mutual fund Taiwan – Latvia – Lithuania, 2017
Implementation period 02.01.2018. – 28.12.2020.
Project partners National Taiwan University, Taiwan
Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, Latvia
State Research Institute Centre for Innovative Medicine, Lithuania
Leader of Latvian team Dr.chem. Arkadijs Sobolevs
Total costs 22 5000 USD
Costs for Latvian partner 75000 USD


The objective of the project is to develop an injectable biomimetic hybrid hydrogels carrying nanoparticles that contain chondrogenic differentiation stimulating substances, for the chondrogenesis and articular cartilage tissue engineering studies of human bone marrow mesenchymal stems (BM-MSC) and chondrocytes in combination with mechanical loading. Taiwan team will develop injectable biocompatible hydrogels based on the ECM components of articular cartilage. Chondrocytes or BM-MSC could proliferate and process chondrogenic differentiation in the biomimetic hydrogels, that also stick on cartilage tissue. Latvian team will develop liposomal and other types of nanoparticles that encapsulate chondrogenesis stimulating nanomolecules. The nanoparticles and hydrogels will be combined by the encapsulation of nanocarriers into the hydrogel with the purpose to promote chondrogenesis. Lithuania team will investigate the efficacy of the novel hydrogel/nanoparticle system for the chondrogenesis of BM-MSC or chondrocytes. The effect of dynamic mechanical loading on the outcome of the engineered articular cartilage tissue construct will be tested as well. We expect that the results of this proposal will lead to the development of conceptual model of efficient, minimally invasive and maximally effective therapeutic approach for OA treatment in the future.