Innovation with Glycans: new frontiers from synthesis to new biological targets

COST action CA18103
Implementation period 08.04.2019. – 07.04.2023.
Member in Management Committee Dr. chem. Kārlis Pajuste

The aim of INNOGLY COST action is to build up a multidisciplinary group of researchers to address the same pioneering goal: gaining new insight into the biological function of glycans in different biological contexts. INNOGLY will address two main topics:

  • Glycan profiling in health and disease, where studies will be more specifically focused on glycan-based correlations in developmental and cancer biology, and glycan dependent modulation of autophagy in cancer, lysosomal disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Glycan-based diagnostics and therapeutics, where INNOGLY investigators will focus on glycan dependent fine tuning of immunity, and the exploration of the multifaceted roles of glycosaminoglycans.

Within these topics, INNOGLY will foster the development of new glycan-based tools for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

To this end, INNOGLY will bring together scientists working in the vast area of glycoscience and researchers of other scientific disciplines willing to mutual exchange of knowledge, skill and expertise. In this way, scientists who have never been involved in glycoscience can provide improvements and new tips by bringing their different points of view.

The goal is to forge and foster collaborations among researchers, each of them spurred to pursue his own research interests, and to intermesh these interests with other colleagues in order to move forward new concepts, ideas and approaches to address glycan-related scientific challenges from new and wider perspectives.

In addition, INNOGLY COST Action would provide the chance for young and smart researchers to get trained in the innovations of glycoscience and to find new career opportunities.

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