Pharmacology and Biological Studies

Helena_DXO The biological activity testing subunits in IOS have highly skilled research staff and up-todate equipment to perform both independent pharmacological studies and to assist medicinal chemists by activity screening tests. Pharmacological experiments are followed by in-depth analysis of the obtained tissue samples in collaboration with analytical units of IOS.

The typical biological activity testing services at IOS include:

  1. screening of compounds in the test systems selected by the customerand development of screening systems for new indications
  2. investigations on the mechanismsof action of active ingredients
  3. biochemical measurements, radioligand binding studies, molecular biology assays, immunohistochemisty
  4. in vitro experiments in cell culture and isolated organs
  5. cardiovascular pharmacology in small experimental laboratory animals
  6. CNS activity testing in vivo
  7. anticancer activity screening in vitro and in vivo
  8. drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics
  9. toxicology tests