New studies in the field of new RNA-binders

Research on the synthesis and RNA-binding properties of extended nucleobases for triplex-forming peptide nucleic acids by Dr. Martins Katkevics group (Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis) and professor Eriks Rozners lab (Binghamton University) has been published in the Journal of Organic Chemistry (IF 4.745, 2018).

Ilze Kumpina, Nikita Brodyagin, James A. MacKay, Scott D. Kennedy, Martins Katkevics, Eriks Rozners.
Synthesis and RNA-Binding Properties of Extended Nucleobases for Triplex-Forming Peptide Nucleic Acids.
J. Org. Chem. 2019, DOI:  10.1021/acs.joc.9b01133


This work was supported by the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis, internal research fund IG-2018-04, and the U.S. National Science Foundation grants CHE-1708761 to E.R. and CHE-1708699 to J.A.M.