A review on the safety and tolerability of the drug phenibut

Journal Pharmacopsychiatry (IF=4.340, 2019) Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology (LIOS), Riga Stradins University and Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. This review summarized currently available information from case reports of phenibut dependence and intoxication and safety data from clinical trials.

Kupats, E.; Vrublevska, J.; Zvejniece, B.; Vavers, E.; Stelfa, G.; Zvejniece, L.; Dambrova M.
Safety and Tolerability of the Anxiolytic and Nootropic Drug Phenibut: A Systematic Review of Clinical Trials and Case Reports.
Pharmacopsychiatry 2020; 53, 201. DOI: 10.1055/a-1151-5017