about1 Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (IOS) was established on 2nd of January, 1957 to perform research in organic chemistry, molecular biology and bioorganic chemistry. Today IOS is an independent public research institute with ~300 employees.
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The IOS has over 55 years experience in drug discovery and is proud to be an inventor and co-inventor of 18 original approved drugs. More than 70 original preparation methods of known medicines were invented about4

The Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is located in Riga and possesses about 2400m2 of equipped laboratory space for organic synthesis, physical organic chemistry and analytical chemistry as well as pharmacology.

Strengths of IOS:

  • teams of experienced organic chemists capable to solve challenging synthetic tasks;
  • strong analytical chemistry support and experience in application of advanced structure assignment methods (multidimensional NMR, X-ray analysis etc.);
  • wide range of established in vivo, ex vivo and in vitro pharmacology assays;
  • efficient teamwork with pharmacologists, molecular modeling professionals and other experts for higher success rate.