Recruitment of Post-doctoral student in structural biology

LIOS is offering fixed-term position of Post-doctoral student in structural biology within Biotechnology group chaired by Dr. Emilio Parisini. The position is offered within the scope of refinanced Horizon 2020 ERA-Chair project BioDrug.

Project: Biotechnology at Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis to achieve excellence in drug discovery
Acronym: BioDrug
Career profile: R2

A postdoctoral fellow is expected to study molecular mechanisms of enzymes and cell adhesion proteins. The lab focuses on the elucidation of the molecular bases of fundamental biological processes as well as on drug discovery, bio-sensing and biomaterial applications. You will have the opportunity to grow professionally in a young and motivating group atmosphere, working in an inspiring research environment and with outstanding equipment/facilities at one of the leading research centres in Europe. As the laboratory focuses on multidisciplinary projects, a strong ability to work in a highly collaborative environment is essential.

Evaluation criteria and methodology for the recruitment of Post-doctoral student in structural biology

Responsibilities and obligations

  • To study molecular mechanisms of enzymes and cell adhesion proteins
  • To engage in supervising of student research work (MScs and BScs)
  • To disseminate his/her research results in peer-reviewed scientific articles
  • To commit for full period of BioDrug grant
  • To be engaged on broader valorisation activities of the research results
  • To adhere to ethical standards
  • To respect contractual and legal obligations
  • To act according to professional standards


  • To have flexibility in working time
  • To have stability of employment
  • To have safe and up-to date work environment (incl. the right to define the necessary infrastructure)
  • To enjoy equal non-discriminatory treatment throughout the career development path
  • To enjoy scientific freedom in research activities
  • To freely choose (short-term) mobility
  • To enjoy IP and Co-authorship rights
  • To choose measures for professional development
  • To receive agreed upon remuneration
  • To conduct supervising of student research work
  • To have rights to complaints and appeals

All the above mentioned responsibilities, rights and obligations are enforced by employment contract and LIOS internal rules and regulations.


  • Basic salary EUR 52 700,- p.a. before tax
  • Family allowance EUR 6 000,- p.a. before tax subject to MSCA eligibility criteria
  • Health insurance
  • Dedicated funding for training and short term mobility (e.g. scientific conferences).

Applications must be in English and include

  • Motivation letter and names of referees
  • CV, including academic qualifications, research and teaching experience

Application deadline 31/07/2020

Recruitment Committee members

  1. Emilio Parisini (the head of the Recruitment Committee), the head of LIOS Biotechnology Group
  2. Aigars Jirgensons, LIOS Deputy Director for Science
  3. Dace Kārkle, LIOS Deputy Director of Administration, Finance and Law /link/