Organic and medicinal chemistry
Pharmacology and biological studies
Physical organic chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Kilo scale synthesis

Equipped lab space

organic synthesis  3000 m²
pharmacology  800 m²
physical organic and analytical chemistry  700 m²
kilo scale synthesis  150 m²

NMR and X-Ray

300 MHz NMR system open access spectrometer, autosampler, Bruker Fourier
400 MHz NMR system autosampler, cryoprobe Prodigy, Bruker Avance Neo
400 MHz NMR system solution (BB) and solid state probes, Varian Mercury
600 MHz NMR system solution state HCN probe, cryoprobe, Bruker Avance Neo
800 MHz NMR system solution state HCN probe, solid state probe, Bruker Avance
powder X-Ray spectrometer Rigaku
single crystal X-Ray spectrometer Bruker