Photocontrol of cell adhesion mechanism

Agreement No.
Place of implementation of the project
LIOS, Aizkraukles iela 21, Riga, Latvia
Implementation period
01.06.2021. – 31.05.2023.
Project manager
Dr. Rossella Castagna
Total cost
140 202,24 EUR (ERDF funding – 119 171,90 EUR)
The aim of the project

Design of photocontrolled cell-cell adhesion protein modulators, using fragment-based drug discovery

Project activities
  • protein expression and purification;
  • structure based virtual screening (VS) and Fragment based drug discovery (FBDD);
  • design and synthesis of photoswitchable analogues of cell adhesion protein inhibitors;
  • characterization of complex protein-hit fragments;
  • design and production of biomimicking surfaces;
  • functional adhesion assays;
  • secondment, dissemination of scientific results and  communication to the general public.

The results of the study will be used to reiterate the relevance of the photopharmacology approach in biomedicine. The design of photocontrolled molecules for biomedical applications may lead to new drugs with limited side effects and enhanced specificity compared to current therapeutic agents.

Publication date 01.09.2021.

The project has started on 01.06.2021 and the operative plan has been discussed with the head of Biotechnology group which host the project.

The experimental activity continued with the design of bioinspired surfaces and the definition of criteria for the selection of the best experimental approach.

The training activity within WP1 led the principal investigator to complete the "Antimicrobial resistance" course organized by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and offered through Coursera (online course provider).

Publication in peer-reviewed international journal SN Comprehensive Clinical Medicine: International Scientific Collaboration Is Needed to Bridge Science to Society: USERN2020 Consensus Statement | SpringerLink

Publication date 01.09.2021.