Elaboration of fluorine containing amphiphilic heterocycles as delivery systems and evaluation of their self-assembling properties with perspective as new materials for use in biomedicine

Call Ukrainian-Latvian research project joint call
Implementation period 01.11.2016. – 31.12.2018.
Project partners Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS)
Institute of Organic Chemistry (IOCH) NAS of Ukraine
Project Leaders
Dr.chem. Aiva Plotniece (LIOS)
Professor Yuriy Shermolovich (IOCH NAS of Ukraine)
Costs for Latvian partner 40 000 EUR


The aim of this work is the elaboration of new kinds of nanoparticles formed by cationic lipids with fluorine containing substituents as the potential transmembrane delivery agents in cooperation experience between research groups from Latvia and Ukraine.

This aim will be achieved by the implementation of the following objectives:

• Synthesis of the original fluorine containing building blocks

• Design and synthesis of the original delivery systems with improved properties

• Characterisation of self-assembling properties of new fluorine containing delivery systems with improving properties

• Dissemination of the results in SCI journals and international conferences at both countries.

Implementation of this project will give a contribution for the achieving the aims of the strategy of nanotechnology which is one of the six Key Enabling Technologies and has a significant impact on many different medicinal developments in the three main areas: Therapeutics, Diagnostics/Imaging and Regenerative Medicine.