Challenging organic syntheses inspired by nature – from natural products chemistry to drug discovery

COST action: CM1407
Implementation period:  16.03.2015.- 15.03.2019.
Members  in Management Committee: Dr.chem. Edgars Suna, Dr.chem.  Raivis Zalubovskis


Natural products (NP) have had a major impact on chemistry, chemical biology and drug discovery. Nowadays, drugs derived from NP have found widespread use for the treatment of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, bacterial and fungal infections. The general aim of this COST Action is to advance the field and to maintain the high level of expertise in NP chemistry within Europe by combining synthetic chemistry, computational chemistry, chemical biology, and pharmacology to find new lead structures of pharmaceutical relevance. Since chemistry plays a key role in addressing the industrial requirements for preclinical candidates in terms of physicochemical properties of NP and their analogues, this Action further aims to promote the translation between fundamental academic research and industrial drug discovery by means of NP chemistry.

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