Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) is looking for postdoctoral researchers to apply for Marie Sklodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022 (HORIZON-MSCA-2022-PF-01-01).

Postdoctoral Fellowships is an excellent opportunity for early stage career researchers to enhance their career by carrying out a research project at LIOS – the leading drug discovery and development center in the Baltics.

Research areas and supervisors

We invite candidates to apply proposals in the following areas:

  • Development and applications of metal-free heterogeneous photocatalysts (supervisor Dr. chem. Pavel Arsenyan);
  • Discovery of fatty acid metabolism-related drug targets for treatment of cardiometabolic diseases (supervisors Prof., Dr. pharm. Maija Dambrova, Dr. pharm. Edgars Liepinsh);
  • Development of novel fluorescent probes for visualisation of subcellular structures by super-resolution microscopy (supervisor Dr. chem. Pavel Arsenyan);
  • Synthetic methodology – developing of new reagents and methodologies in fluorine chemistry (supervisor Prof., Dr. chem. Aigars Jirgensons);
  • Modular synthesis of antiviral Ipecac-type alkaloids (supervisor Prof., Dr. chem. Aigars Jirgensons);
  • Computational studies of amyloid fibril-antibody interactions (supervisor Prof., Dr. chem. Kristaps Jaudzems);
  • Amyloid fibril in Alzheimer’s disease and antibody interactions probed by solid-state NMR spectroscopy at fast MAS regime (supervisor Prof., Dr. chem. Kristaps Jaudzems).


We will provide support and guidance to the most promising proposals. Supervisors will consult you and offer the necessary support to improve your proposal. The Grants Office provides administrative support.

MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowship offers
  • Full-time contract to work on a research project and enjoy advanced training;
  • Competitive salary – € 3860.8 gross amount, including compulsory deductions under national law, such as employer and employee social security contributions and direct taxes;
  • Mobility (€ 600) and Family allowances (if applicable€ 660) per month;
  • Budget for Research, Training and Networking costs (€ 1 000) per month;
  • Special needs allowance (if applicable).


  • Applicants should be in a possession of a doctoral degree at the call deadline.
  • At the call deadline, supported researchers must have a maximum of 8 years full-time equivalent experience in research, measured from the date of award of the doctoral degree. Years of experience outside research and career breaks (e.g. due to parental leave) will not count towards the amount of research experience. For nationals or long-term residents of EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries who wish to reintegrate to pursue their research career in EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated Countries, years of experience in research in third countries will not be considered in the above maximum.

Mobility rule

  • European Postdoctoral Fellowships – applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the beneficiary for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before the call deadline,
  • Global Postdoctoral Fellowships – applicants must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the country of the host organization for the outgoing phase for more than 12 months in the 36 months immediately before the call deadline.

For more information on MSCA Post-doctoral fellowship, go to the European Commission’s website.

How to apply?

If you are interested in applying, please:

  • Identify research area and supervisor
  • Prepare CV (max. 4 pages) and brief description of the project idea (max 500 words)
  • Send the CV and proposal to the
Application deadline


Why apply with LIOS?

Applying with LIOS will increase your chances of success. Not funded applications for European Postdoctoral Fellowships with a host organization from Latvia have the chance to be funded under the ERA Fellowships Call (‘Widening Participation and Strengthening the European Research Area’ part of the Framework Programme). They will be automatically transferred to the ERA Fellowships Call and will be ranked in one single list according to the scores and evaluation of the Postdoctoral Fellowships call with an additional budget of € 8 million for each 2021 and 2022.

About the LIOS

LIOS has a long record in small molecule drug discovery and development with 18 original and more than 100 generic medicines introduced into the market. LIOS has been granted 27 patents in the last five years. LIOS possesses a broad spectrum of expertise including medicinal chemistry, organic synthesis, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, bioanalytics, computational modelling, biophysical chemistry, structural biology, and process chemistry.

The laboratory space is >5000 m2 equipped with up-to-date research infrastructure for medicinal/organic chemistry, pharmacology, and protein expression including analytical and bioanalytical chemistry support, EU- regulations compliant animal facility, and a kilo-scale facility.

LIOS is a public research organization with a strong focus on collaboration with industry and is a part of a wide academic network.