LIOS conference connecting all researchers at LIOS

The 2nd scientific conference of the Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis (LIOS) was held on November 29 and 30 (2022). Once a year, the LIOS conference brings together all scientific staff from all our research labs and groups to encourage scientific communications and networking, to generate new ideas and new internal collaborations.

The conference was opened by the LIOS director Dr. Osvalds Pugovičs  who introduced participants with LIOS success stories – tegafur, rimantadine, meldonium, belinostat, methyl-GBB and ELB-1003 – a compound discovered working within Enable consortium.

Research results and capabilities of their labs were shared by the LIOS principal investigators and researchers as follows:

  • Dr. Alons Lends (Laboratory of Physical Organic Chemistry): Cell-free synthesis of fluorinated proteins for solid- and liquid-state NMR studies
  • Dr. Teodors Panteļejevs (Biotechnology group): Targeting type II cadherin trans-dimerisation using fragment-based and peptidic approaches
  • Dr. Rossella Castagna (Biotechnology group): Electrospun fibers for smart-materials interfaces
  • Dr. Antons Sizovs (Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology): Pre-clinical evaluation of biomaterials at LIOS
  • Dr. Edgars Liepiņš (Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology): ADME and DMPK profiling of new drug candidates
  • Dr. Līga Zvejniece (Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology): Pre-clinical in vivo models for Neurological disease targets
  • Dr. Reinis Vilšķērsts (Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Pharmacology): Protective effects of meldonium in cardiovascular experimental models related to Covid-19 complications
  • Prof. Dr. Kristaps Jaudzems (Laboratory of Physical Organic Chemistry): NMR and X-ray diffraction capabilities at LIOS
  • Dr. Igors Sokolovs (Laboratory of Advanced Technologies for Organic Synthesis): Bromanes: Electrochemical Preparation and Applications
  • Dr. Larisa Baumane (Laboratory of Physical Organic Chemistry): Konferences Latvijas Organiskās sintēzes institūtā, ieskats vēsturē

The doctoral students presented achieved results in their PhD studies:

  • Gļebs Jeršovs (Laboratory of Advanced Technologies for Organic Synthesis): Synthetic approach to sulfur-based enantiopure gamma-lactam bioisosteres
  • Pāvels Dimitrijevs (Pharmacomodulators synthesis group): MitoCLue probe: novel tool for drug discovery
  • Elīna Līdumniece (Organic Synthesis Methodology group): Discovery of malaria parasite egress serine protease SUB1 inhibitors
  • Renāte Melngaile (Laboratory of Organic Synthesis): Recent advances in fluoromethylene transfer
  • Aleksandrs Čižikovs (Organic Synthesis Methodology group): Cobalt catalyzed C-H bond functionalization