EU-OPENSCREEN: European high-capacity screening network

EU-OPENSCREEN integrates high-capacity screening platforms throughout Europe, which jointly use a rationally selected compound collection, comprising up to 140.000 commercial and proprietary compounds collected from European chemists. EU-OPENSCREEN offers to researchers from academic institutions, SME’s and industrial organizations open access to its shared resources.

EU-OPENSCREEN will collaboratively develop novel molecular tool compounds with external users from various disciplines of the life sciences.

EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC is a non-profit research infrastructure, which operates on a global scale. EU-OPENSCREEN ERIC is funded by European countries (currently Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Spain with Germany as host country) and offer access to academic high-throughput screening facilities and medicinal chemistry groups in these countries. Latvian Institute of Organic Synthesis is EU-OPENSCREEN partner institution since 2017.