A study identifies a potential drug target for triple negative breast cancer

Researchers led by Professor Zhang (US) have reported that BBOX1 is a potential therapeutic target in triple negative breast cancer. Effective BBOX1 inhibitors for the treatment of this lethal disease have been developed. Research has been published in the journal “Cancer Discovery” (IF = 29.497, 2019).

LIOS scientists Andrianov and Loza have contributed to this study by synthesizing and providing effective BBOX1 inhibitors.

Liao, C.; Zhang, Y.; Fan, C.; Herring, L.E.; Liu, J.; Locasale, J.W.; Takada, M.; Zhou, J.; Zurlo, G.; Hu, L.; Simon, J.M.; Ptacek, T.S.; Andrianov, V.G.; Loza, E.; Peng, Y.; Yang, H.; Perou, C.M.; Zhang, Q.*
Identification of bbox1 as a therapeutic target in triple-negative breast cancer. Cancer Discov. 2020, 10(11), pp.1707-1721. DOI: 10.1158/2159-8290.CD-20-0288