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1Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Mairov M.; Zablotsky D.; Blums E.. Iron oxide/oleic acid magnetic nanoparticles possessing biologically active choline derivatives: Synthesis, morphology, antitumor, and antimicrobial properties (DOI: 10.1016/B978-0-12-813661-4.00007-9). In Inorganic Frameworks as Smart Nanomedicines; Elsevier, 2018, 279-316.      

2Petukhov V.I.; Dmitriev E.V.; Baumane L.Kh.; Skalny A.V.; Lobanova Yu. N.; Grabeklis A.R. Metal-ligand homeostasis of essential metals (Zn, Cu, Fe)) in epidermis: Probable norm criteria. 10th Euro-Global Conference on Infectious Diseases & 5th International Conference on Histopathology & Cytopathology; Rome, Italy, September 27-29, 2018.      

3Dimitrijevs P.; Vezane A.; Rucins M.; Pajuste Kl.; Timofejeva I.; Plotniece M.; Vigante B.; Sobolev A.; Pajuste K.; Kozlovska T.; Plotniece A. Synthetic lipids based on 1,4-dihydro­pyridine core for gene delivery - studies of self-assembling and physicochemical properties. Frontiers in Delivery of Therapeutics 2018; Tartu, Estonia, August 21-24, 2018; 95.      

4Plotniece A.; Apsīte G.; Vigante B.; Vezane A.; Timofejeva I.; Rucins M.; Ose V.; Pajuste Kl.; Dimitrijevs P.; Plotniece M.; Pajuste K.; Sobolev A.; Kozlovska T. Evaluation of novel pyridinium-basedamphiphile C12-Man-Q as an efficient in vitro delivery agent. 32nd Conference of The European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS-2018); Ljubljana, Slovenia, September 2-7, 2018; 144.      

5Voikiva V.; Avotina L.; Kinerte V.; Kizane G.; Baumane L. Characterization of chemical Composition and paramagnetic centres in Latvian sheep wool. 15th International Conference of Young Scientists on Energy Issues. May 23-25, Kaunas, Lithuania. , 2018; 464.      

6Lankovska A.; Avotina L.; Kinerte V.; Baumane L.; Kizane G. Application of electron irradiation for changes of tyre material. Institute of Solid State Physics University of Latvia. Abstracts of the 34th Scientific Conference. Riga, Latvia, February 20-22; , 2018; 77.      

7Avotina L.; Conka D.; Lescinskis A.; Pajuste E.; Baumane L.; Supe A.; Kizane G.; Contributors JET Analysis of paramagnetic centers in carbon based divertor materials. Latvijas Universitātes 76. Starptautiskā konference, Ķīmijas sekcija; , 2018; 12.      

8Voikiva V.; Avotina L.; Kinerte V.; Baumane L.; Kizane G. Analysis chemical bond and free radicals in radiation modificated Latvian sheep wool. Latvijas Universitātes 76. Starptautiskā konference, Ķīmijas sekcija; , 2018; 34.      

9Kizane G.; Pajuste E.; Avotina L.; Igaune I.; Vitins A.; Halitovs M.; Lescinskis A.; Lescinskis Br.; Zarins A.; Supe A.; Cipa J.; Conka D.; Vonda K.; Heuser J. M.; Knitter R.; Baumane L. Studies of fusion equipment materials irradiated by accelerated electrons, neutron flux plasma. IV Pasaules latviešu zinātnieku kongress, Dabaszinātņu sekcija; Rīga, Latvija, 18 -20 June, 2018; 22.      

10*Dimitrijevs P.; Vezane A.; Rucins M.; Timofejeva I.; Vigante B.; Kl. Pajuste; Plotniece M.; Sobolev A.; K. Pajuste; Kozlovska T.; Plotniece A. 1,4-Dihydropyridine based gene delivery agents – relationships of self-assembling and physicochemical properties. International Conference “Current Trends in Cancer Theranostics” (CTCT-2018) & 3rd General Meeting of COST Action CM1403; Trakai, Lithuania, July 1-5, 2018; 83.      

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