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71*Aleksis R.; Oleskovs F.; Jaudzems K.; Pahnke J.; Biverstal H. Structural studies of amyloid-β peptides: Unlocking the mechanism of aggregation and the associated toxicity. Biochimie 2017, 140, 176-192.      

72*Liepinsh E.; Makrecka-Kuka M.; Makarova E.; Volska K.; Vilks K.; Sevostjanovs E.; Antone U.; Kūka J.; Vilšķērsts R.; Loļa D.; Loža E.; Grinberga S.; Dambrova M. Acute and long-term administration of palmitoylcarnitine induces muscle-specific insulin resistance in mice. BioFactors 2017, 43(5), 718-730.      

73Vasiļjeva J.; *Arsenyan P. Synthesis of Se–N+ and Te–N+ bond-containing heterocycles. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2017, 53(10), 1061-1067.      

74Cala-De Paepe D.; Stanek J.; Jaudzems K.; Tars K.; Andreas L.B.; *Pintacuda G. Is protein deuteration beneficial for proton detected solid-state NMR at and above 100 kHz magic-angle spinning?. Solid State Nucl Magn Reson 2017, 87, 126-136.      

75Domracheva I.; Kanepe-Lapsa I.; Jackevica L.; Vasiļjeva J.; *Arsenyan P. Selenopheno quinolinones and coumarins promote cancer cell apoptosis by ROS depletion and caspase-7 activation. LIFE SCI. 2017, 186, 92-101.      

76*Zarins A.; Leys O.; Kizane G.; Supe A.; Baumane L.; Gonzalez M.; Correcher V.; Boronat C.; Zolotarjovs A.; Knitter R. Behaviour of advanced tritium breeder pebbles under simultaneous action of accelerated electrons and high temperature. Fusion Eng Des 2017, 121, 167-173.      

77Lokshin V.; Beķere L.; *Khodorkovsky V. Visual light photoswitches derived from bindone: Toward stabilization of colored photo-isomers. Dyes Pigm. 2017, 145, 570-575.      

78Zhao P.; Gvishi R.; Beķere L.; Lokshin V.; Khodorkovsky V.; Hagan D.J.; *Van Stryland E.W. Transient ring opening and closing of a two-photon photochromic molecule utilizing energy transfer. Conf. Lasers. Electr.-Opt., Proc. 2017, 2017-January, 1-2.      

79*Vilšķērsts R.; Dambrova G.; Mezhapuke R.; Bandere D.; Dambrova M. Resveratrol attenuates the development of sodium hypochlorite-induced endothelial dysfunction. Nat. Prod. J. 2017, 7(4), 276-280.      

80*Bolsakova J.; Jirgensons A. The Ritter reaction for the synthesis of heterocycles. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2017, 53(11), 1167-1177.      

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