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31Sharipova E.M.; Salna E.V.; Dzintare M.Ya.; Lauberte L.Ya.; Meirena D.V.; *Sjakste N.I.; Gordjushina V.S.; Kalvinsh I. The effect of mildronate and related substances on levels of thyroid hormones and some intermediates of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism in hyperthyroid and hypothyroid rats. Biochem. (Moscow) Suppl. Ser. B Biomed. Chem. 2008, 2(2), 169-175.      

32*Ābele E.; Abele R.; Lukevics E. Oximes of five-membered heterocyclic compounds with three and four heteroatoms 1. Synthesis and structure (review). Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2008, 44(6), 637-649.      

33Chernyak D.; Gadamsetty S.B.; *Gevorgyan V. Low temperature organocopper-mediated two-component cross coupling/cycloisomerization approach toward N-fused heterocycles. Org. Lett. 2008, 10(11), 2307-2310.      

34Jaunzeme I.; *Jirgensons A. Ether-directed diastereoselectivity in catalysed Overman rearrangement: comparative studies of metal catalysts. Tetrahedron 2008, 64(24), 5794-5799.      

35*Fernandes M.A.S.; Pereira S.P.S.; Jurado A.S.; Custodio J.B.A.; Santos M.S.; Moreno A.J.M.; Duburs G.; Vicente J.A.F. Comparative effects of three 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives [OSI-1210, OSI-1211 (etaftoron), and OSI-3802] on rat liver mitochondrial bioenergetics and on the physical properties of membrane lipid bilayers: Relevance to the length of the alkoxyl chain in positions 3 and 5 of the DHP ring. Chem.-Biol. Interact. 2008, 173(3), 195-204.      

36*Kirilova E.M.; Kalnina I.; Kirilov G.K.; Meirovics I. Spectroscopic study of benzanthrone 3-N-derivatives as new hydrophobic fluorescent probes for biomolecules. J Fluoresc 2008, 18(3-4), 645-648.      

37*Veršilovskis A.; Bartkevics V.; Mikelsone V. Sterigmatocystin presence in typical Latvian grains. Food Chem. 2008, 109(1), 243-248.      

38*Pupure J.; Fernandes M.A.S.; Santos M.S.; Moreno A.J.M.; Kalvinsh I.; Kluša V.; Oliveira C.R. Mitochondria as the target for mildronate's protective effects in azidothymidine (AZT)-induced toxicity of isolated rat liver mitochondria. Cell Biochem. Funct. 2008, 26(5), 620-631.      

39*Petrova M.; Liepinsh E.; Pastors P.; Fleisher M.; Kampars V. Synthesis of 2-(4′-R-benzylidene)-4-aza-1,3-indanediones and investigation of isomerization around the exocyclic double bond. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2008, 44(7), 820-827.      

40*Ābele E.; Abele R.; Lukevics E. Oximes of five-membered heterocyclic compounds with three and four heteroatoms 2. Synthesis of derivatives, reactions, and biological activity (Review). Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2008, 44(7), 769-792.      

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