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41*Fernandes M.S.; Santos M.S.; Vicente J.A.F.; Moreno A.J.M.; Velena A.; Duburs G.; Oliveira C.R. Effects of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives (cerebrocrast, gammapyrone, glutapyrone, and diethone) on mitochondrial bioenergetics and oxidative stress: A comparative study. Mitochondrion 2003, 3(1), 47-59.      

42*Tetere Z.; Zicane D.; Rāviņa I.; Petrova M.; Gudriniece E. Interaction of hydrazides of 2-aryl-4-methyl-4-cyclohexene-1, 1-dicarboxylic acids with certain heterocyclic aldehydes. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2003, 39(9), 1178-1181.      

43*Lukevics E.; Ignatovich L.; Shul'ga T.; Belyakov S. The crystal structure of 2-benzo[b]thienylgermatrane. Appl. Organomet. Chem. 2003, 17(9), 745-746.      

44*Dambrova M.; Kirjanova O.; Baumane L.; Liepinsh E.; Zvejniece L.; Muceniece R.; Kalvinsh I.; Wikberg J.E.S. EPR investigation of in vivo inhibitory effect of guanidine compounds on nitric oxide production in rat tissues. J. Physiol. Pharmacol. 2003, 54(3), 339-347.      

45*Veinberg G.; Vorona M.; Shestakova I.; Kaņepe I.; Lukevics E. Design of β-lactams with mechanism based nonantibacterial activities. Curr. Med. Chem. 2003, 10(17), 1741-1757.      

46Lukevics E.; *Arsenyan P.; Belyakov S.; Pudova O. Synthesis, structure and chemical transformations of ethynylgermatranes. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2003(17), 3139-3143.      

47*Rubina K.; Ābele E.; Arsenyan P.; Fleisher M.; Popelis J.; Gaukhman A.; Lukevics E. The role of palladium catalyst and base in stereoselective transformations of (E)-2-chlorovinylsulfides. Tetrahedron 2003, 59(38), 7603-7607.      

48*Ikaunieks M.; Madre M. Efficient synthesis of 8-thiosubstituted guanine derivatives as potential tools for biochemical and biological studies. Nucleosides Nucleotides Nucleic Acids 2003, 22(5-8), 755-758.      

49Li J.Z.; Sjakste T.G.; *Roder M.S.; Ganal M.W. Development and genetic mapping of 127 new microsatellite markers in barley. Theor. Appl. Genet. 2003, 107(6), 1021-1027.      

50Liepinsh E.; Barbals R.; Dahl E.; Sharipo A.; Staub E.; *Otting G. The death-domain fold of the ASC PYRIN domain, presenting a basis for PYRIN/PYRIN recognition. J. MOL. BIOL. 2003, 332(5), 1155-1163.      

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