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11Vosekalna I.; Gyurcsik B.; Larsen E. Solution structure of oligopeptides-copper(II) complexes. Programme and abstracts, 2nd International Peptide symposium; 17th American peptide symposium Peptides: The Wave of the Future; June 9-14: San Diego, California, USA, 2001; 225.      

12Leite L.; Fleisher M.; Lebedev A.; Ilieva L.; Andreeva D.; Lukevics E. Conversion pathways of 4-hydroxybutanal in the presence of dehydration catalysts . Book of abstracts, International conference Reaction mechanisms and organic intermediates: 140 Years of organic structural theory; June 11-14: Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 2001; 150.      

13Kirjanova O.; Liepinsh E.; Baumane L.; Kalvinsh I.; Dambrova M. Detection of oxyradicals in biological samples: use of EPR and luminescence measurements. Estonian Physician, Suppl. 3, 2nd Balt. reg. meeting of Biological psychiatry Neurobiology and pharmacotherapy of affective and neurodegenerative disorders; May 31-June 2: Tartu, Estonia, 2001; 49.      

14Kažoka H. Separation of 5-fluorouracil and uracil on silica. Absract book, Vol.2, 25th International symposium on High performance liquid phase separations and related techniques; June 17-22: Maastricht, The Netherlands, 2001; 239.      

15Lukevics E.; Ābele R.; Fleisher M.; Popelis Yu.; Ābele E. Cesium fluoride catalyzed silylation of aromatic and heteroaromatic oximes with hydrosilanes: scope and mechanism. Abstracts Book 7, 5th Eur.congr.on catalysis. Symp.15:; Symp.16: Fine chem. a. asymm. cat.; Symp.2: Reaction in unusual solv.; Symp.12: a. high-throughput screen.; Symp.14: Cat. of renewables; 2nd-7th September: Limerick, Ireland, 2001; 15.      

16Iovel I.; Golomba L.; Lukevics E. Hydrosilylation of heterocyclic aldimines catalyzed by AuIII, PdI and RhI complexes. Abstracts, XIVth FECHEM conference on Organometallic chemistry; September 2-7: Gdansk, Poland, 2001; 103.      

17Iovel I.; Golomba L.; Belyakov S.; Kemme A.; Shestakova I.; Lukevics E. Catalytic trimethylsilylcyanation of novel pyridylaldimines. Programme and abstracts, The 12th European symposium on organic chemistry; July 13-18: Groningen, The Netherlands, 2001; 4.      

18Ikaunieks M.; Madre M. Synthesis of 8,9-disubstituted guanines as potential tools for the investigation of molecular recognition via base-pairing. Programme and abstracts, The 12th European symposium on organic chemistry; July 13-18: Groningen, The Netherlands, 2001; 209.      

19Lukevics E.; Arsenyan P.; Belyakov S.; Pudova O. Theoretical aspects of the fused 4,4-dioxothienotrimethylsilyl(germyl)isoxazoline formation. Abstracts, First NIAF-MeRinOS joint meeting on Fundamental and applied aspects of organic synthesis; 28 September-2 October: Houffalize, Belgium, 2001; 9.      

20Lukevics E.; Iovel I.; Golomba L. Hydrosilylation of heterocyclic imines catalyzed by transition metal complexes. Abstracts book, 11th IUPAC symposium on organometallic chemistry directed towards organic synthesis; July 22-26: Taipei, Taiwan, 2001; 129.      

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