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1Colella M.; Musci P.; Luisi R.; *Degennaro L. Synthesis and use of halodifluoromethyl heterocycles. Targets Heterocycl. Syst. 2019, 23, 384-398.      

2Filimonov V.O.; Dianova L.N.; Beryozkina T.V.; Mazur D.; Beliaev N.A.; Volkova N.N.; Ilkin V.G.; Dehaen W.; Lebedev A.T.; *Bakulev V.A. Water/Alkali-Catalyzed Reactions of Azides with 2-Cyanothioacetamides. Eco-Friendly Synthesis of Monocyclic and Bicyclic 1,2,3-Thiadiazole-4-carbimidamides and 5-Amino-1,2,3-triazole-4-carbothioamides. J. Org. Chem. 2019, 84(21), 13430-13446.      

3Beliaev N.A.; Beryozkina T.V.; Lubec G.; *Bakulev V.A. A catalyst-free one-step synthesis of N-pyrimidinyl amidines from endocyclic enamines and 4-azidopyrimidines. Mendeleev Commun. 2019, 29(1), 50-52.      

4Lauder K.; Masci D.; Toscani A.; Al Mekdad A.; Black G.W.; Brown N.L.; Turner N.J.; Luisi R.; *Castagnolo D. A facile and regioselective multicomponent synthesis of chiral aryl-1,2-mercaptoamines in water followed by monoamine oxidase (MAO-N) enzymatic resolution. Org. Biomol. Chem. 2019, 17(40), 8982-8986.      

5Colella M.; Tota A.; Grossjohann A.; Carlucci C.; Aramini A.; *Sheikh N.S.; Degennaro L.; Luisi R. Straightforward chemo- and stereoselective fluorocyclopropanation of allylic alcohols: Exploiting the electrophilic nature of the not so elusive fluoroiodomethyllithium. Chem. Commun. 2019, 55(58), 8430-8433.      

6Musci P.; Colella M.; Fanelli F.; Altomare A.; Pisano L.; Carlucci C.; *Luisi R.; Degennaro L. Stereo-and enantioselective addition of organolithiums to 2-oxazolinylazetidines as a synthetic route to 2-acylazetidines. Front. Chem. 2019, 7.      

7*Carlucci C.; Degennaro L.; Luisi R. Titanium dioxide as a catalyst in biodiesel production. Catalysts 2019, 9(1).      

8Kaldmae M.; Leppert A.; Chen G.; Sarr M.; Sahin C.; Nordling K.; Kronqvist N.; Gonzalvo-Ulla M.; Fritz N.; Abelein A.; Laiotan S.; Biverstal H.; Jornvall H.; Lane D.P.; *Rising A.; Johansson J.; Landreh M. High intracellular stability of the spidroin N-terminal domain in spite of abundant amyloidogenic segments revealed by in-cell hydrogen/deuterium exchange mass spectrometry. FEBS J. 2019.      

9Sjakste T.; Leonova E.; Petrovs R.; Roder M.; *Sjakste N. S-6. Guanine-quadruplexenriched sequences in the tight DNA-protein complexes of barley seedlings. Bioplym. Cell 2019, 35(3), 234.      

10*Jaudzems K.; Kurbatska V.; Jekabsons A.; Bobrovs R.; Rudevica Z.; Leonchiks A. Targeting Bacterial Sortase A with Covalent Inhibitors: 27 New Starting Points for Structure-Based Hit-to-Lead Optimization. ACS Infect. Dis. 2019.      

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