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1*Kalnins G.; Sevostjanovs E.; Hartmane D.; Grinberga S.; Tars K. CntA oxygenase substrate profile comparison and oxygen dependency of TMA production in Providencia rettgeri. J. Basic Microbiol. 2018, 58(1), 52-59.      

2Nguyen T.T.; Grigorjeva L.; *Daugulis O. Cobalt-Catalyzed Coupling of Benzoic Acid C-H Bonds with Alkynes, Styrenes, and 1,3-Dienes. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018.      

3Sviklane L.; Olmane E.; Dzerve Z.; Kupcs K.; Pirags V.; *Sokolovska J. Fatty liver index and hepatic steatosis index for prediction of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in type 1 diabetes. J. Gastroenterol. Hepatol. 2018, 33(1), 270-276.      

4Altamimi A.-M.S.; *Alafeefy A.M.; Balode A.; Vozny I.; Pustenko A.; El Shikh M.E.; Alasmary F.A.S.; Abdel-Gawad S.A.; Žalubovskis R. Symmetric molecules with 1,4-triazole moieties as potent inhibitors of tumour-associated lactate dehydrogenase-A. J. Enzyme Inhib. Med. Chem. 2018, 33(1), 147-150.      

5*Bolsakova J.; Jirgensons A. The Ritter reaction for the synthesis of heterocycles. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2018, 1-11.      

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