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71Cala-De Paepe D.; Stanek J.; Jaudzems K.; Tars K.; Andreas L.B.; *Pintacuda G. Is protein deuteration beneficial for proton detected solid-state NMR at and above 100 kHz magic-angle spinning?. Solid State Nucl Magn Reson 2017, 87, 126-136.      

72Domracheva I.; Kanepe-Lapsa I.; Jackevica L.; Vasiļjeva J.; *Arsenyan P. Selenopheno quinolinones and coumarins promote cancer cell apoptosis by ROS depletion and caspase-7 activation. LIFE SCI. 2017, 186, 92-101.      

73*Zarins A.; Leys O.; Kizane G.; Supe A.; Baumane L.; Gonzalez M.; Correcher V.; Boronat C.; Zolotarjovs A.; Knitter R. Behaviour of advanced tritium breeder pebbles under simultaneous action of accelerated electrons and high temperature. Fusion Eng Des 2017, 121, 167-173.      

74Lokshin V.; Beķere L.; *Khodorkovsky V. Visual light photoswitches derived from bindone: Toward stabilization of colored photo-isomers. Dyes Pigm. 2017, 145, 570-575.      

75*Arsenyan P.; Vasiļjeva J. Selenazolium salts as catalysts in oxidation reactions. Mendeleev Commun. 2017, 27(6), 621-622.      

76*Mierina I.; Jure M.; Zeberga S.; Makareviciene V.; Zicane D.; Tetere Z.; Rāviņa I. Novel type of carbon-centered antioxidants arylmethyl Meldrum's acids − inhibit free radicals. Eur. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 2017, 119(11).      

77*Zarins A.; Valtenbergs O.; Kizane G.; Supe A.; Tamulevičius S.; Andrulevičius M.; Pajuste E.; Baumane L.; Leys O.; Kolb M.H.H.; Knitter R. Characterisation and radiolysis of modified lithium orthosilicate pebbles with noble metal impurities. Fusion Eng Des 2017, 124, 934-939.      

78Koleda O.; Broese T.; Noetzel J.; *Roemelt M.; Suna E.; Francke R. Synthesis of Benzoxazoles Using Electrochemically Generated Hypervalent Iodine. J. Org. Chem. 2017, 82(22), 11669-11681.      

Patents and patent applications
79Stonans Ilmars; Dambrova Maija; Liepins Edgars; Kalvins Ivars; Grinberga Solveiga; Kuka Janis; Lola Daina; Loza Einars; Pugovics Osvalds; Vilskersts Reinis. Use of 3-carboxy-N-ethyl-N,N-dimethylpropan-1-aminium salts in the treatment of cardiovascular .... SMT201600416, 10.01.2017.      

80Stonans Ilmars; Misane Ilga; Svalbe Baiba; Dambrova Maija; Zvejniece Liga; Kalvins Ivars; Veinbergs Grigorijs. Use of 2-(5S-methyl-2-oxo-4R-phenyl-pyrrolidin-1-yl)-acetamide in the treatment of seizures. EP3127539, 08.02.2017.      

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