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1*Vus K.; Trusova V.; Gorbenko G.; Sood R.; Kirilova E.; Kirilov G.; Kalnina I.; Kinnunen P. Fluorescence investigation of interactions between novel benzanthrone dyes and lysozyme amyloid fibrils. J Fluoresc 2014, 24(2), 493-504.      

2*Zhytniakivska O.; Trusova V.; Gorbenko G.; Kirilova E.; Kalnina I.; Kirilov G.; Molotkovsky J.; Tulkki J.; Kinnunen P. Location of novel benzanthrone dyes in model membranes as revealed by resonance energy transfer. J Fluoresc 2014, 24(3), 899-907.      

3*Zhytniakivska O.; Trusova V.; Gorbenko G.; Kirilova E.; Kalnina I.; Kirilov G.; Kinnunen P. Newly synthesized benzanthrone derivatives as prospective fluorescent membrane probes. J Lumin 2014, 146, 307-313.      

4*Melecis V.; Karpa A.; Vilks K. Increase in abundance and species richness of flies (Diptera, Brachycera) in the Lake Engure Nature Park, Latvia: Effects of climate warming?. Proc. Latv. Acad. Sci., Sect. B Nat. Exact. Appl. Sci. 2014, 68(1-2), 46-67.      

5Tolpygin I.E.; Kuz'Menko T.A.; Fedyanina A.Yu.; Pluzhnikova S.Yu.; Popova O.S.; Revinskii Yu.V.; Dubonosov A.D.; Bren' V.A. Fluorescent chemosensors based on N-aminoimidazole and N-aminobenzimidazole. Russ. J. Org. Chem. 2014, 50(6), 911-912.      

6Podjava A.; Kistkin S.; Ausekle E.; Priede E.; Mekss P.; Zicmanis A. Electrospray ionization mass spectrometry of non-covalent complexes formed between N-alkylimidazolium-containing zwitterionic sulfonates and protonated bases. Eur. J. Mass Spectrom. 2014, 20(6), 467-475.      

7Rovite V.; Petrovska R.; Vaivade I.; Kalnina I.; Fridmanis D.; Zaharenko L.; Peculis R.; Pirags V.; Schioth H.B.; *Klovins J. The role of common and rare MC4R variants and FTO polymorphisms in extreme form of obesity. Mol. Biol. Rep. 2014, 41(3), 1491-1500.      

8Vendiņa I.; Parkova A.; *Trapencieris P. o-directed lithiation of acylated hydroxythiophenes. Heterocycles 2014, 8(2), 1565-1572.      

9*Sjakste T.; Paramonova N.; Wu L.S.; Zemeckiene Z.; Sitkauskiene B.; Sakalauskas R.; Wang J.-Y.; Sjakste N. PSMA6 (rs2277460, rs1048990), PSMC6 (rs2295826, rs2295827) and PSMA3 (rs2348071) genetic diversity in Latvians, Lithuanians and Taiwanese. Meta Gene 2014, 2(1), 283-298.      

10Paramonova N.; Wu L.S.S.; Rumba-Rozenfelde I.; Wang J.-Y.; Sjakste N.; Sjakste T. Genetic variants in the PSMA6, PSMC6 and PSMA3 genes associated with childhood asthma in Latvian and taiwanese populations. Bioplym. Cell 2014, 30(5), 377-387.      

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