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41*Vus K.; Trusova V.; Gorbenko G.; Kirilova E.; Kirilov G.; Kalnina I.; Kinnunen P. Novel aminobenzanthrone dyes for amyloid fibril detection. Chem. Phys. Lett. 2012, 532, 110-115.      

42*Trusova V.M.; Kirilova E.; Kalnina I.; Kirilov G.; Zhytniakivska O.A.; Fedorov P.V.; Gorbenko G.P. Novel benzanthrone aminoderivatives for membrane studies. J Fluoresc 2012, 22(3), 953-959.      

43*Veršilovskis A.; Bartkevics V. Stability of sterigmatocystin during the bread making process and its occurrence in bread from the Latvian market. Mycotoxin Res. 2012, 28(2), 123-129.      

44*Stepanovs D.; Mishnev A. Molecular and crystal structure of sildenafil base. Z. Naturforsch. Sect. B J. Chem. Sci. 2012, 67(5), 491-494.      

45*Liepinsh E.; Skapare E.; Vāvers E.; Konrāde I.; Strele I.; Grinberga S.; Pugovičs O.; Dambrova M. High l-carnitine concentrations do not prevent late diabetic complications in type 1 and 2 diabetic patients. Nutr. Res. 2012, 32(5), 320-327.      

46Withers-Martinez C.; Suarez C.; Fulle S.; Kher S.; Penzo M.; Ebejer J.-P.; Koussis K.; Hackett F.; Jirgensons A.; Finn P.; *Blackman M.J. Plasmodium subtilisin-like protease 1 (SUB1): Insights into the active-site structure, specificity and function of a pan-malaria drug target. Int. J. Parasitol. 2012, 42(6), 597-612.      

47Bielskiene K.; Labeikyte D.; Sjakste N.; *Bagdoniene L.; Juodka B. Phosphatase activity in barley proteins tightly bound to DNA and its development-dependent changes. Biochemistry 2012, 77(6), 679-688.      

48Kumpins V.; Belyakov S.; Bizdēna Ē.; *Turks M. Crystal structure of methanolsodium dianemycin-methanol (1:2), Na(C 47H77O14)(CH4O) · 2CH 4O. Z. Kristallograph. New Cryst. Struct. 2012, 227(2), 145-148.      

49Belyakov S.; Jansone D.; Ābele E.; *Fleisher M. Crystal structure of 4-[2-(2-chlorophenyl)vinyl]-6,6-dimethyl-2-oxo-1,2,5, 6-tetrahydropyridine-3-carbonitrile, C16H15ClN 2O. Z. Kristallograph. New Cryst. Struct. 2012, 227(2), 175-176.      

50*Ābele E.; Golomba L.; Beresņeva T.; Višņevska J.; Jaschenko E.; Shestakova I.; Gulbe A.; Grinberga S.; Belyakov S.; Abele R. A new pathway for the preparation of biologically active 2-substituted 1,5-dihydrobenzo[e][1,2,4]oxadiazepines and related compounds by palladium-catalyzed cyclization of amidoximes with o-iodobenzyl bromide or 2-bromo-3-chloromethylpyridine. Arkivoc 2012, 2012(8), 49-61.      

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