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41Jaschenko E.; Domracheva I.; Kanepe I.; Krasnova L.; Grinberga S.; Krauze A.; Shestakova I.; Duburs G. Research of the pharmacomodulators of multidrug resistance in cancer. Abstract Book, The 1st Multidisciplinary Symposium Molecular Oncology: from Laboratory Bench to Medicine (mol.onco 2012); September 17-22: P-MCT3.2. Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012; 82.      

42Gulbe A. New derivates of furan and thiophene as inhibitors of MMPs and angiogenesis. Abstract Book, The 1st Multidisciplinary Symposium Molecular Oncology: from Laboratory Bench to Medicine (mol.onco 2012); September 17-22: P-MCT3.1. Kyiv, Ukraine, 2012; 81.      

43Duburs G.; Plotniece A.; Skrivele B.; Pajuste K. Synthetic lipids comprising beta-amino acid moieties included in privileged pharmacological structures. COST Meeting Foldamers: Synthesis and Structure of Functional Materials; 30th August - 2nd September: PS-9. University of Regensburg, Germany , 2012; 37.      

44Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Maiorov M.; Nikolajeva V. Iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles with biocompatible coating for potential application in agricultural and food industry . Poster, International Conference of Agricultural Engineering (CIGR-Ageng2012); July 8-12: P0248. Valencia Conference Centre, Spain, 2012.      

45Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Kniess T.; Shestakova I. Synthesis and Antitumor Properties of Oxorhenium(V) Complexes possessing N-(2-mercaptoethyl)-4,4-dimethyl-4-sila-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinoline Moiety. Program. Abstracts, XXV International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry [XXV ICOMC]; September 2-7: PB.216. Lisbon, Portugal, 2012.      

46Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Maiorov M.; Mishnev A.; Sestakova I. Iron oxide superparamagnetic nanocarriers with biocompatible coating as potential theragnostics. Biometals-2012, 8th International Biometals Symposium ( ; 15-19 July: P88. Brussels, Belgium, 2012; 71.      

47Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Maiorov M.; Blums E.; Shestakova I. Iron oxide based magnetic nanoparticles bearing cytotoxic ethanolamine derivatives . Annual Meeting COST Action CM0902, Molecular machinery for ion translocation accross the Biomembrane; January 23-25: Bari, Chemistry Department, 2012; 12.      

48Jansone B.; Kadish I.; van Groen T.; Plotniece A.; Pajuste K.; Kaldre D.; Klusa V. Anxiolytic and cognition enhancing effects of the novel 1,4-dihydropyridine derivative in transgenic Alzheimer,s disease model-mice. Late Abstracts, 6th European Congress of Pharmacology (; July 17-23: P234. Granada, Spain, 2012.      

49Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Geronikaki A.; Eremkina T.; Popelis Y.; Petrova M.; Shestakova I. Synthesis, Physico-Chemical Study, Anti-inflammatory Properties and Cytotoxicity of omega-(N-heteryl)-N-[1,3-(benzo)thiazol-2-yl]acylamides. Abstract Book, 7th Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic Chemistry (; 17-21 June: PP.72. Istanbul, Turkey, 2012; 59.      

50Zablotskaya A.; Segal I.; Khazachonokh G.; Grinberga S.; Shestakova I.; Geronikaki A.; Eze D.; Nikolayeva V. Synthesis, Physico-Chemical Characterization and Anti-Tumour and Antimicrobial Properties of N-(2-Alkoxyethyl)-1,2,3,4-Tetrahydro(iso)quinoline and 4-Methyl-5-(2-Alkoxyethyl)thiazole Derivatives. Abstract Book , 7th Eurasian Meeting on Heterocyclic Chemistry (; 17-21 June: PP.71. Istanbul, Turkey, 2012; 59.      

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