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105Dzintare M.; Baumane L.; Meirena D.; Šaripova J.; Ļauberte L.; Kalviņš I.; Sjakste N. Modifications of nitric oxide production in rat tissues by ellagic acid, ipriflavone and resveratrol: A comparative study. Proc. Latv. Acad. Sci., Sect. B Nat. Exact. Appl. Sci. 2010, 64(5-6), 182-187.      

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129*Dambrova M.; Zvejniece L.; Škapare E.; Vilšķērsts R.; Švalbe B.; Baumane L.; Muceniece R.; Liepinsh E. The anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive effects of NF-κB inhibitory guanidine derivative ME10092. Int. Immunopharmacol. 2010, 10(4), 455-460.      

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135*Sjakste T.; Trapiņa I.; Rumba-Rozenfelde I.; Lunin R.; Sugoka O.; Sjakste N. Identification of a novel candidate locus for juvenile idiopathic arthritis at 14q13.2 in the Latvian population by association analysis with microsatellite markers. DNA Cell Biol. 2010, 29(9), 543-551.      

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137Rostoka E.; Isajevs S.; Baumane L.; Linē A.; Silina K.; Dzintare M.; Sharipova J.; Svirina D.; Kalvinsh I.; *Sjakste N. Effects of lycopene, indole-3-carbinol, and luteolin on nitric oxide production and iNOS expression are organ-specific in rats. Arh. Hig. Rada Toksikol. 2010, 61(3), 275-285.      

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