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31Chernyak D.; Gadamsetty S.B.; *Gevorgyan V. Low temperature organocopper-mediated two-component cross coupling/cycloisomerization approach toward N-fused heterocycles. Org. Lett. 2008, 10(11), 2307-2310.      

32Jaunzeme I.; *Jirgensons A. Ether-directed diastereoselectivity in catalysed Overman rearrangement: comparative studies of metal catalysts. Tetrahedron 2008, 64(24), 5794-5799.      

33*Fernandes M.A.S.; Pereira S.P.S.; Jurado A.S.; Custodio J.B.A.; Santos M.S.; Moreno A.J.M.; Duburs G.; Vicente J.A.F. Comparative effects of three 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives [OSI-1210, OSI-1211 (etaftoron), and OSI-3802] on rat liver mitochondrial bioenergetics and on the physical properties of membrane lipid bilayers: Relevance to the length of the alkoxyl chain in positions 3 and 5 of the DHP ring. Chem.-Biol. Interact. 2008, 173(3), 195-204.      

34*Veršilovskis A.; Bartkevics V.; Mikelsone V. Sterigmatocystin presence in typical Latvian grains. Food Chem. 2008, 109(1), 243-248.      

35*Pupure J.; Fernandes M.A.S.; Santos M.S.; Moreno A.J.M.; Kalvinsh I.; Kluša V.; Oliveira C.R. Mitochondria as the target for mildronate's protective effects in azidothymidine (AZT)-induced toxicity of isolated rat liver mitochondria. Cell Biochem. Funct. 2008, 26(5), 620-631.      

36*Petrova M.; Liepinsh E.; Pastors P.; Fleisher M.; Kampars V. Synthesis of 2-(4′-R-benzylidene)-4-aza-1,3-indanediones and investigation of isomerization around the exocyclic double bond. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2008, 44(7), 820-827.      

37*Ābele E.; Abele R.; Lukevics E. Oximes of five-membered heterocyclic compounds with three and four heteroatoms 2. Synthesis of derivatives, reactions, and biological activity (Review). Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 2008, 44(7), 769-792.      

38*Belyakov S.; Kampars V.; Pastors P.J.; Tokmakov A. 2-(4,5,6,7,8,9-Hexahydro-6a-aza-phenyl-en-2-ylmethyl-ene)indan-1,3-dione. Acta Crystallogr. Sect. E Struct. Rep. Online 2008, 64(7).      

39*Mutulis F.; Gogoll A.; Mutule I.; Yahorava S.; Yahorau A.; Liepinsh E.; Wikberg J.E.S. Oligomerization of indole derivatives with incorporation of thiols. Molecules 2008, 13(8), 1846-1863.      

40Vorona M.; Veinberg G.; Belyakov S.; Petrova M.; Liepinsh E.; Lukevics E. The synthesis and stereochemistry of the derivatives of tert-butyl 7-alkylideneceph-3-em-4-carboxylate. Khim. Geterotsikl. Soedin. 2008(4), 618-626.      

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