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31Xu Q.; Katkeviča D.; *Rozners E. Toward amide-modified RNA: Synthesis of 3′-aminomethyl-5′- carboxy-3′,5′-dideoxy nucleosides. J. Org. Chem. 2006, 71(16), 5906-5913.      

32*Suna E.; Mutule I. Microwave-assisted heterocyclic chemistry. Top. Curr. Chem. 2006, 266, 49-101.      

33*Leite L.; Stonkus V.; Edolfa K.; Ilieva L.; Plyasova L.; Zaikovskii V. Copper-promoted cobalt catalysts for 2,3-dihydrofuran synthesis. Appl Catal A Gen 2006, 311(1-2), 86-93.      

34Vaitkuviene A.; Ulinskaite A.; Meskys R.; Duburs G.; Kluša V.; *Liutkevicius E. Study of the interaction of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives with glucocorticoid hormone receptors from the rat liver. Pharmacol. Rep. 2006, 58(4), 551-558.      

35*Sjakste T.G.; Zhuk A.F. Novel haplotype description and structural background of the eventual functional significance of the barley β-amylase gene intron III rearrangements. Theor. Appl. Genet. 2006, 113(6), 1063-1079.      

36*Schioth H.B.; Muceniece R.; Mutule I.; Wikberg J.E.S. New melanocortin 1 receptor binding motif based on the C-terminal sequence of α-melanocyte-stimulating hormone. Basic Clin. Pharmacol. Toxicol. 2006, 99(4), 287-293.      

37*Kluša V.; Pupure J.; Isajevs S.; Rumaks J.; Gordjushina V.; Kratovska A.; Taivans I.; Svirskis Š.; Viksna L.; Kalvinsh I. Protection of azidothymidine-induced cardiopathology in mice by mildronate, a mitochondria-targeted drug. Basic Clin. Pharmacol. Toxicol. 2006, 99(4), 323-328.      

38*Zvejniece L.; Muceniece R.; Krigere L.; Dambrova M.; Klusa V.Z. The differential influences of melanocortins on nociception in the formalin and tail flick tests. Pharmacol. Biochem. Behav. 2006, 85(2), 287-291.      

39Kuznetsov V.A.; *Shubin K.M.; Schipalkin A.A.; Petrov M.L. Efficient route to benzo[4,5]imidazo[2,1-a]phthalazines. Tetrahedron 2006, 62(42), 10018-10030.      

40Petukhov V.I.; Kalvinsh I.Ya.; Shestakova I.K.; Domracheva I.A.; Kanepe I.Ya.; Stibel R.G.; Romanova M.A.; *Skesters A.P. Plasma NO-binding activity in patients with hematological malignancies: Suppressive effect of glucocorticoids. Bull Exp Biol Med 2006, 142(5), 614-617.      

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