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21Kalvinš I. Mildronatas - nuo idejos iki realybes. Šeimos gydytojo studijos, Citoprotektoriai kardiologijoje - letinio širdies nepakankamumo gydymo galimybe bendrosios praktikos gydytojo darbe; m. kovo 25 d. (25. marts): Kaunas, Lietuva, 2004; 12.      

22Veveris M.; Pilmane M.; Ose V.; Kalvins I. Investigation of THP and captopril on experimental heart failure. Abstracts, 2nd International Meeting on Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry = IMMPC-2; October 10-14: Antalya, Turkey, 2004; 39.      

23Pilmane M.; Veveris M.; Ose V.; Kalvins I. Pharmacological remodeling of myocardium in chronic heart failure: metabolic modulation or ace inhibition. Proceedings, 16th International Congress of the IFAA = 109th Annual Meeting of Japanese Association of Anatomistst; 22-27 Augus: Anatomical Sci. Intern. 79, Suppl. Kyoto, Japan, 2004; 299.      

24Moberg C.; Belda O.; Frolander A.; Lundgren S.; Zalubovskis R. Enantio- and regioselectivity in palladium- and molybdenum-catalyzed allylic alkylations. Abstracts, ; (Materials of Paul Walden 3rd Symposium on Organic Chemistry, 13-14 October 2003) A.Andersons , Eds.; Latvian J. Chem.: 2. Riga, Latvia, 2004; 131.      

25Skārda I.; Voita D.; Bērziņa D.; Dzerve V.; Kukulis I.; Matisone D.; Putane L.; Grabauskiene V.; Čelutkiene J.; Romanova J.; Kalviņš I. The improved efficacy of heart failure treatment due to combination of ace inhibitor with Mildronate. Abstracts, 3rd Baltic Atherosclerosis Congress and 1st International Congress of the Latvian Society of Cardiology; May 20-22: Riga, Latvia, 2004; 58.      

26Moberg C.; Belda O.; Zalubovskis R. Selectivity and reactivity in metal-catalyzed allylic alkylations . Program & Abstracts, International Conference on Organic Synthesis; June 27 - July 1: Balticum Organicum Syntheticum. Riga, Latvia, 2004.      

27Franssen M.C.R.; Sobolev A.; Duburs G.; de Groot A. Enantioselective synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives using lipases. Abstracts, IUPAC International Conference on Biodiversity and Natural Products: Chemistry and Medical Application; 26-31 January: New Dehli, India, 2004; 33.      

28Krauze A.; Sīle L.; Viļums M.; Šaman D.; Beļakovs S.; Duburs G. A new route to 2-(2-aminothien-3-yl)nicotinonitriles. Abstracts, XXIst European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry; 12-15 September: Sopron, Hungary, 2004; 119.      

29Zablocka A.; Segal I.; Spies H.; Lukevics E. Synthesis and biological properties of 3+1 mixed ligand [3-(N-methyl)azapentane- and 3-thiapentane-1,5-dithiolato]oxorhenium(V) complexes bearing quinoline, tetrahydroquinoline and tetrahydroisoquinoline . Abstracts, XXXVI International Conference on Coordination Chemistry = ICCC36; July 18-23: Mexico, Merida-Yucatan, 2004; 423.      

30Tonkiha N.; Petrova M.; Belyakov S.; Strakovs A. Pyridodiazepines in reactions of 1,2-diaminopyridine with 4-hydroxycoumarin and hydroxy-6-methyl-2H-pyran-2-one. Program and Abstracts, International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic, Combinatorial and Medicinal Chemistry = ASCMC MOSCOW 04; May 5-8: Moscow, Russia, 2004.      

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