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41Kirjanova O.; Liepiņš E. Sirds miocītu stresa reakcijas: Kodola transkripcijas faktora NFkB aktivēšana . Tēzes, Otrā Latvijas Universitātes ar medicīnu saistīto studentu zinātniskā konference, 26.sept. 2003 = 2nd. Medical Students Scientific Conference, University of Latvia, Faculty of Medicine; 26 Sept.: Rīga, Latvija, 2003; 2.      

42Jatzke C.; Wollenburg C.; Denk S.; Kalvinsh I.; Kauss V.; Jirgensons A.; Danysz W.; Parsons C.G. A novel class of amino-alkylcyclohexanes as NMDA receptor antagonists - in vitro characterization. Abstracts, Society for Neuroscience Meeting; 8-12 November: New Orleans, USA, 2003; 15315.      

43Jansone D.; Fleisher M.; Veretennikova N.; Leite L.; Lukevics E. Quantum chemical investigation of the reaction of 4-nitrobenzaldehyde with 3-cyano-4,6,6-trimethyl-2-(5,6-dihydro)-pyranone. Presentation 4, The 9th Electronic computational chemistry conference; 1-31 March:, 2003.      

44Ignatovich L.; Shul'ga T.; Belyakov S.; Zvejniece L.; Lukevics E. Structure, toxicity and neurotropic activity of biarylgermatranes. Book of Abstracts, XVth FECHEM conference on Organometallic chemistry, FECS event No. 269;; 10th-15th August: Zurich University, Switzerland, 2003; 406.      

45Ignatovich L.; Zarina D.; Shestakova I.; Germane S.; Lukevics E. Synthesis and biological activity of silicon derivatives of 2-trifluoroacetylfuran and their oximes. Programme and Abstracts , 2nd European Organosilicon days; 11-12 September: Munich, Germany, 2003; 163.      

46Ignatovich L.; Popelis J.; Lukevics E. Synthesis and NMR spectra of dihetarylsilacycloalkanes. Programme and Abstracts, 2nd European Organosilicon days; 11-12 September: Munich, Germany, 2003; 130.      

47Goncharova R.I.; Kuzhir T.D.; Dalivelya O.V.; Ryabokon N.I.; Duburs G.J. Long-term effects and some mechanisms of protective action of antimutagens of 1,4-dihydropyridine series in animals and human cells. Proceedings, Eighth International conference on Mechanisms of antimutagenesis and anticarcinogenesis; 4-8 October; G.Bronzetti, L.R.Ferguson, S.De Flora, Eds.; : Pisa, Italy, 2003; 53.      

48Vigante B.; Sobolev A.; Cekavicus B.; Franssen M.C.R.; Duburs G.; de Groot Ae. Candida rugosa lipase-catalysed kinetic resolution of polycyclic analogues of 1,4-dihydropyridines . International symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformation; June 28-July 3: Chem. Listy 97 (6). Olomouc, Czech. Rep., 2003; 377.      

49Franssen M.C.R.; Sobolev A.; Duburs G.; de Groot Ae. Enantioselective synthesis of 1,4-dihydropyridine derivatives using lipases. Chem. Listy, 2003, 97, 6, International symposium on Biocatalysis and Biotransformation, June 28-July 3; : Olomouc, Czech. Rep., 2003; 376.      

50Fernandes M.A.S.; Santos M.S.; Moreno A.J.M.; Duburs G.; Oliveira C.R.; Vicente J.A.F. The antidiabetic sulfonylurea glibenclamide promotes a net Cl-/K+ cotransport in rat liver mitochondria: relevance for its antidiabetic action. XXXIV Reuniao anual da Sociedade Portuguesa de farmacologia, XXII Reuniao de farmacologia clinica; 4-6 Dezembro: Coimbra, Portugal, 2003; 14.      

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