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1Štrumfs B.; Trapencieris P. Transesterification of methyl aziridine-2-carboxylate and its N-substituted derivatives. Abstracts, International conference Lietuvos mokslas ir pramone; April 19: Kaunas, Lietuva, 2000; 24.      

2Stonkus V.; Leite L.; Lebedev A.; Lukevics E.; Ruplis A. Synthesis of 2,3-dihydrofuran by cyclodehydration of 1,4-butanediol in the presence of Co/porcelain systems. Summary 4, 14th International congress of chemical and process engineering; 27-31 August: Praha, Czech Republic, 2000; 318.      

3Muzikante I.; Markava E.; Gustina D.; Gerca L.; Rutkis M.; Fonavs E. Reversible optical storage utilizing photoinduced reorientation of azobenzene derivatives in organized films. Programme and abstracts, The 5th Euroconference on application of polar dielectrics; August 27-30, Rīga, Latvia:, 2000; 95.      

4Markava E.; Gustina D.; Muzikante I. Optically induced azohydrazone tautomerism of some 2,6-dialkylphenol based azobenzenes. Abstracts, 2nd International conference Advanced optical materials and devices; 16-19 August: Vilnius, Lithuania, 2000; 87.      

5Liepina I.; Czaplewski C.; Janmey P.; Liwo A. Results and surprises of the gelsolin 150-169 binding with phosphoinositide lipids . Book of abstracts, International conference on Conformation of peptides, proteins and nucleic acids; August 29-September 2: Gdansk, Poland, 2000; 48.      

6Veinberg G.; Vorona M.; Grigan N.; Shestakova I.; Lukevics E. A new type of cephalosporin-based prodrug of doxorubicin . Book of abstracts, 7th International conference on Chemistry of antibiotics and related microbial products; September 2-6: Mierki, Poland, 2000; 44.      

7Liepina I.; Czaplewski C.; Janmey P.; Liwo A. Molecular dynamics of a gelsolin-derived peptide binding to a PIP2-containing lipid bilayer. Abstracts , 7th Naples workshop on bioactive peptide: 2nd Peptide engineering meeting Conformation activity in peptides relationships and interactions; September 5-8: Anacapri, Italy, 2000; 108.      

8Kudryashova V.; Veretennikova N.; Skorova A.; Lukevics E. Expert system OREX for the analysis of anti-asthmatic activity of heterocyclic compounds. Abstracts, First Eurasian meeting on heterocyclic chemistry Heterocycles in organic and combinatorial chemistry; September 16-19: Suzdal, Russia, 2000; 60.      

9Klimavičiusa L.; Kalda A.; Kluša V.; Duburs G.; Zharkovsky A. Antioxidative activity of the new dihydropyridine derivatives. Abstracts, Joint meeting of the Estonian and Finnish Pharmacological Soc.; August 18-19: Helsinki, Finland, 2000; 17.      

10Kazoka H. Mixed partition-adsorption systems in high-performance liquid chromatography of purines and pyrimidines. Abstracts, 23rd International symposium on chromatography ; 1st-5th October: London, UK, 2000; 162.      

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