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11Lukevics E.; Pudova O.; Arsenyan P.; Belyakov S. Cycloaddition reactions of nitrile oxides to silyl and germyl thiophene-1,1-dioxides. Progr., abstr., IXth Intern. conf. on the coordination and organometallic chemistry of germanium, tin, and lead; 20-25 Sept.: P-8. Melbourne, 1998.      

12Ivanov E.V.; Ponomareva T.V.; Merkushev G.N.; Artamonova E.A.; Bisenieks E.A.; Uldrikis J.R.; Kozhukhov A.N.; Dubur G. New medication for treatment of radiation injuries of oral and nasal mucosa, conynctiva and salivary glands. Book of abstr. , Intern conf. Diagnosis and treatment of radiation injury; 30 aug.-3 sept.: de Doelen Rotterdam, 1998.      

13Ponomarenko E.; Orlikovs G.; Maslova M.; Rubens J.; Seleznevs J.; Pokrotnieks J.; Farbtuha T.; Kalvinsh I. Na,K-ATPase functional activity in blood erythrocytes in various chronic diseases and after ionizing radiation effect. Abstr. = Тез. докл., Belarusian symp. N 3 Current problems of hepatology = Актуальные вопросы гепатологии; Oct. 7-8 = 7-8 окт.: Grodno, Belarus = Гродно, Беларусь, 1998; 44.      

14Тирзите Д.Я.; Казуш Э.Я.; Тирзит Г.Д.; Дубур Г.Я. Синергизм антиоксидантов 1,4-дигидропиридинового ряда с плазмой крови. Тез. докл., V Междунар. конф. Биоантиоксидант; 18-20 нояб.: Москва, Россия, 1998; 89.      

15Gyurcsik B.; Vosekalna I.; Jensen J.; Larsen E. A combined potentiometric and spectrometric investigation on micro- and macroequilibria in copper(II) oligopeptide systems. Book of abstr. , Fourth Europ. biological inorganic chemistry conf.; July 20-25: MM-51. Seville, Spain, 1998.      

16Muzikante I.; Gustina D.; Markava E.; Gerca L.; Stiller B.; Brehmer L. Self-assembled and Langmuir-Blodgett mono- and multilayers of some azobenzenes. Proc., Europ. conf. Thin organised films; Sept. 14.-18.: Potsdam, Germany, 1998; 178.      

17Šmidlers A.; Reine I. Synthesis of partly hydrogenated dipyrrolopyridines and a dithienopyridine. Progr., abstr., Xth Conf. on organic chemistry and biochemistry of young scientists; June 15-20: Liblice Castle, Czech Rep., 1998; 53.      

18Plotniece A.; Duburs G.; Tirzītis G.; Makarova N.; Turovska B. Synthesis of indolizines and their di(tetra)hydroderivatives by intramolecular cyclization of delta-oxoalkylpyridinium compounds and by [3+2] cycloaddition. Book of abstracts, 12th Intern. conf. on organic synthesis; June 28-July 2: Venezia, Italy, 1998; 490.      

19Sobolev A.; Cekavicus B.; Vigante B.; Franssen M.C.R.; Duburs G. Chemoenzymatic synthesis of analogs of a novel neuroprotector Cerebrocrast. Book of abstracts, 12th Intern. conf. on organic synthesis; June 28-July 2: Venezia, Italy, 1998; 210.      

20Cekavicus B.; Vigante B.; Sobolev A.; Tirzite D.; Duburs G. Solid-phase synthesis: Esterification of 1,4-dihydropyridine-3-carboxylic acids with Merrifield's resin. XVIIIth Europ. colloquium on heterocyclic chemistry; Oct. 4th-7th: A-23. Rouen, France, 1998.      

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