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41Liepinsh E.; Ilag L.L.; *Otting G.; Ibanez C.F. NMR structure of the death domain of the p75 neurotrophin receptor. EMBO J. 1997, 16(16), 4999-5005.      

42*Strakova I.A.; Strakov A.Ya.; Petrova M.V. Fischer indolization of 1-aryl-4-oxo-4,5,6,7-tetrahydroindazoles. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1997, 33(9), 1116-1117.      

43*Dikovskaya K.I.; Mazur T.V.; Turovskii I.V.; Freimanis Ya.F.; Gavars M.P. Total Synthesis and Properties of Prostaglandins. XLI. Synthesis of Prostaglandins with Unusual Structures. α-Alkoxymethylene Derivatives of Bicyclic γ-Lactones. Russ. J. Org. Chem. 1997, 33(9), 1270-1274.      

44Velena A.; Skujins A.; Svirskis Š.; Bisenieks E.; Uldriķis J.; Poikans J.; *Duburs G.; Kluša V. Modification of swelling-contraction-aggregation processes in rat muscle mitochondria by the 1,4-dihydropyridines, cerebrocrast and glutapyrone, themselves and in the presence of azidothymidine. Cell Biochem. Funct. 1997, 15(3), 211-220.      

45*Krause A.; Duburs G. Regioselective synthesis of methyl 5,7-diphenyl-3-ethoxycarbonylmethyl-4,7-dihydrothiazolo[3,2-a]pyridine-8- carboxylate. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1997, 33(10), 1240-1241.      

46*Lukevics E.; Vēveris M.; Dirnens V. Synthesis, Vasodilating and Antithrombotic Activity of Pyridyl-substituted Silylisoxazolines. Appl. Organomet. Chem. 1997, 11(10-11), 805-811.      

47*Starchenkov I.B.; Andrianov V.G. Chemistry of furazano[3,4-b]pyrazines 3. Method for the synthesis of 5,6-disubstituted furazano[3,4-b]pyrazines. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1997, 33(10), 1219-1233.      

48Sipyagin A.M.; Kolchanov V.V.; Lebedev A.T.; Karakhanova N.K. Reactions of polyhalogenopyridines. 14. Reaction of isomeric dichlorocyanopyridines and pentachloropyridine with potassium ethylxanthate. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1997, 33(11), 1306-1314.      

49*Starchenkov I.B.; Andrianov V.G.; Mishnev A.F. Chemistry of furazano[3,4-b]pyrazine. 5. 1,2,3-Triazolo[4,5-e]furazano[3,4-b]pyrazine 6-oxides. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1997, 33(11), 1355-1359.      

50*Starchenkov I.B.; Andrianov V.G. Chemistry of furazano[3,4-b]pyrazine. 4. 5,6-Dichlorofurazano[3,4-b]pyrazine in cyclization reactions. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1997, 33(11), 1352-1354.      

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