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41Duburs G.; Tirzitis G.; Bisenieks E. Synthesis and investigation of free radical reaction modulators and development of membranoprotectors . Abstr., 9th Noordwijkerhout-Camerino symp. Trends in drug research; May 23-27: The Netherlands, 1993.      

42Mishnev A.F. Electron density squaring method and non-crystallographic simmetry. Collect. abstr., XVI Congr. and General assembly intern. union of crystallography; Aug. 21-29: Beijing, China, 1993; 30.      

43Belyakov S.V.; Borisova L.I.; Vjater A.R.; Mishnev A.F.; Lukevics E. Crystal structures and absolute configuration of two optically active methylnaphtylphenylsilyl(phenyl)ethylenes. Collect. abstr., XVI Congr. and General assembly intern. union of crystallography; Aug. 21-29: Beijing, China, 1993; 180.      

44Pielaszek J.; Sobczak J.; Yuskovets Zh.; Shymanska M. X-Ray diffraction studies of alkali metal doped Pd/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst. Abstr., XVI Congr. of crystallography; Aug. 31-Sept. 3: Beijing, China, 1993; 305.      

45Kruca S.; Jansone D.; Leite L.; Shymanska M. Catalytic condensation of pyridine aldehydes with acetonitrile. Book of Abstr. Vol. 1, 1st Europ. congr. on catalysis = EUROPACAT-1; Sept. 12-17: Montpellier, France, 1993; 160.      

46Lukevics E. Structural chemistry in Latvia. Ed. J.Kansikas, V.Killstrom. Progr. a. abstr., 14. Nordiska srukturkemismotet = 14th Nordic meet. of sructural chemists; Jan. 11-13: S6. Helsinki, 1993.      

47Sjakste T.G.; Sjakste N.I.; Rashal I.D. Genotoxicity testing and biomonitoring by the method of the nucleoprotein celite chromatography. The first leaf cells of the ethiolated barley shoots as perspective test object . Abstr., Nordic environmental mutagen soc. eleventh annual meet.; Jun. 20-23: Lohusalu, Estonia, 1993; 29.      

48Sjakste N. The size distribution of DNA single- and double-strand fragments in X.laevis erythrocytes . Proceedings, 13th Europ. workshop on the cell nucleus; Jun. 21-25: Budapest, Balatonaliga, Hungary, 1993; 112.      

49Zhuk R.; Madre M. Synthesis of 7,8-disubstituted guanines as potential PNP inhibitors . Abstr., 4th Intern. symp. on Molecular aspects of chemotherapy; 23-25 June: Gdansk, Poland, 1993; 56.      

50Gustiņa D. N-Acil-1,4-benzohinonmonoimīni un to elektronakceptorās īpašības. Disertācijas kopsavilkums ķīm. dokt. grāda iegūšanai, Latv. Organiskās sintēzes inst., Rīga, 1993.      

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