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1Meerson F.Z.; Abdikaliev N.A.; Kalvinsh Ya. I.; Vovk V.I. Bioelectrical mechanism of antiarrhythmic action of EDIHYP, a synthetic acetylcholine analogue. Kardiologiia 1991, 31(7), 52-55.      

2Madre M.; Zhuk R.; Lidaks M. New prodrugs of aciclovir with antiviral activity. Nucleosides Nucleotides 1991, 10(1-3), 279-282.      

3Paegelow I.; Wartner U.; Veretennikova N.I. Modulatory effect of tuftsin and rigin on phagocyte activity. IMMUNOLOGIYA 1991(3), 47-50.      

4*Stradiņš J.; Glezer V.; Turovska B.; Markava E.; Freimanis J. Electrochemical reduction of N-aryl- and N-arylsulphonylbenzoquinoneimines in acetonitrile-II. Electron affinity and relationship between oxidation and reduction potentials. Electrochim Acta 1991, 36(7), 1219-1225.      

5Rozenblit A.; Golender V.; Sukhova N.; Lukevits E. Computer-aided prediction and study of biological properties of nitrofurilvinyl(polyenyl)quinolines. KHIM. FARM. ZH. 1991, 25(5), 55-58.      

6*Otting G.; Liepinsh E.; Wuthrich K. Protein hydration in aqueous solution. Science 1991, 254(5034), 974-980.      

7Kupče Ē.; *Wrackmeyer B.; Lukevics E. Multinuclear magnetic resonance study of organometallic substituted enamines—stereochemical dependence of vicinal 119Sn–15N spin–spin couplings. Magn. Reson. Chem. 1991, 29(5), 444-448.      

8Meerson F.Z.; Kalvinsh I.Ya.; Abdikaliev N.A. Abolition of disturbances of electrical stability of the heart and arrhythmias a synthetic acetylcholine analog. Bull Exp Biol Med 1991, 111(1), 15-18.      

9*Lukevics E.; Barabanov D.I.; Ignatovich L.M. Hydrogermylation of phenylacetylene catalyzed by onium chlorometallates. Appl. Organomet. Chem. 1991, 5(5), 379-383.      

10*Andrianov V.G.; Semenikhina V.G.; Eremeev A.V. Rearrangements of 1-oxa-2-azoles. 2. Structure and isomerization of pentamethylene-amidoximes of 4-aminofurazan-3-carboxylic acid. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1991, 27(1), 102-104.      

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