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41*Solodin I.; Goldberg Y.; Zelčāns G.; Lukevics E. (5S)-5-benzyl-2,2,3-trimethylimidazoiidin-4-one as a highly effective chiral auxiliary for asymmetric reduction of α-oxo amides. Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications 1990(19), 1321-1322.      

42Bundule M.A.; Bychko V.V.; Saulitis Yu. B.; Liepin'sh E.E.; Borisova G.P.; Petrovskii I.A.; Tsibinogin V.V.; Pumpen P.P.; Gren Ya. E. C-terminal polyarginine tract of core antigen of hepatitis B virus is situated on surface of capsid. DOKL. BIOCHEM. 1990, 312(1), 118-121.      

43Kupče Ē.; *Lukevics E. Letters. Journal of the Chemical Society, Dalton Transactions 1990(7), 2319-2320.      

44Zatsepin E.P.; Churaev N.N.; Uspenskaya T.A.; Tirzit G.D.; Dubur G.Ya. Effect of antioxidants on membrane-toxic effects of anticholinesterases. Bull Exp Biol Med 1990, 110(6), 1677-1679.      

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