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11Kupče Ē.; Liepiņš E.; *Lukevics E. 15N‐29Si Coupling Constants and 15N Isotope Effect on 29Si Chemical Shifts in Compounds with Natural Isotopic Abundance. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. 1985, 24(7), 568-569.      

12*Krauze A.A.; Liepin'sh E.E.; Pelcher Yu.E.; Kalme Z.A.; Dipan I.V.; Dubur G.Ya. Synthesis of 3-cyano-4-aryl-5-ethoxycarbonyl-6-methyl-3,4-dihydropyridine-2-thiones. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1985, 21(1), 77-83.      

13*Kadysh V.P.; Stradyn' Ya.P.; Khanina E.L.; Dubur G.Ya.; Mutsenietse D.Kh. Electrochemical reduction of hydrogenated 2-pyrimidones on a graphite electrode. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1985, 21(1), 95-99.      

14*Lukevics E.; Dirnens V.V.; Goldberg Y.S.; Liepinsh E.E.; Gavars M.P.; Kalvinsh I.Y.; Shymanska M.V. Addition of Pseudohalogens to Vinyl- and Allylsilanes. Synthesis of 1-Substituted 2-(Alkylsilyl)- and 2-[(Alkylsilyl)methyl]aziridines Using Phase-Transfer Catalysis. Organometallics 1985, 4(9), 1648-1653.      

15*Mutulis F.K.; Chipens G.I.; Mutule I.E.; Maurops G.H. Cyclic analogues of bradykinin: III. Synthesis of cyclo‐(ω‐aminododecanoyl‐bradykinin), cyclo‐(ω‐aminododecanoyl‐ω‐aminododecanoyl‐bradykinin) and cyclo‐bradykinin. INT. J. PEPT. PROTEIN RES. 1985, 26(5), 449-459.      

16*Mishnev A.F.; Bleidelis Ya.Ya.; Andrianov V.G.; Eremeev A.V. Molecular and crystal structure of amphi-1-methyl-2-methylaminoglyoxime. J Struct Chem 1985, 26(1), 119-121.      

17*Kupče Ē.; Liepiņš E.; Lapsina A.; Urtane I.; Zelčāns G.; Lukevics E. Correlation of one-bond 15N13C, 15NM, 29SiX (M = 11B, 29Si, 119Sn, X = 1H, 13C) nuclear spin-spin coupling constants with the structure of metallatranes in solution. J. Organomet. Chem. 1985, 279(3), 343-358.      

18*Lutsenko Z.L.; Aleksandrov G.G.; Petrovskii P.V.; Shubina E.S.; Andrianov V.G.; Struchkov Yu.T.; Rubezhov A.Z. Synthesis of substituted π-cyclopentadienyl complexes of ruthenium, rhodium and iridium by a novel reaction of intramolecular condensation of π-allyl ligand and alkyne. X-ray structure of [η-C6H6Ru(η-C5H3Ph2-1,2)]BF4. J. Organomet. Chem. 1985, 281(2-3), 349-364.      

19*Erenpreisa J.E.; Sjakste N. DNA and nuclear matrix relations: ultrastructural and cytochemical study of nuclei treated with high molarity LiCl-urea.. Indian J Exp Biol 1985, 23(3), 126-130.      

20*Andrianov V.G.; Struchkov Yu.T.; Babakhina G.M.; Kritskaya I.I.; Kravtsov D.N. Molecular structure of α-methylstyreneiron tricarbonyl. Russ Chem Bull 1985, 34(3), 539-541.      

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