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1Serebryanyi A.M.; Sjakste N.I.; Gorin A.I. Relaxation of DNA-protein interactions in cells of mice with lymphoblastic leukemia under the effect of some antitumor drugs. Biull Eksp Biol Med 1983, 96(9), 84-86.      

2Sjakste T.G.; Sjakste N.I.; Lichtenstein A.V. DNA and chromatin lesions induced by thio-TEPA. Biokhimiia 1983, 48(1), 137-142.      

3Bilenko M.V.; Shelenkova L.N.; Dubur Ya. G.; Velēna A.H. Application of antioxidants in the prevention of renal lesions during acute ischemia and reperfusion. Biull Eksp Biol Med 1983, 96(9), 8-11.      

4*Glezer V.; Stradiņš J.; Friemanis J.; Baider L. The mechanism of electrochemical reduction of intramolecular charge-transfer complexes derived from 1,4-naphthoquinone. Electrochim Acta 1983, 28(1), 87-95.      

5Frol'kis R.A.; Voronkov G.S.; Dubur G.Ya.; Tsiomik V.A.; Gomon I.V. Creatine phosphokinase activity in membranes of the myocardial sarcoplasmic reticulum in experimental coronary insufficiency. Bull Exp Biol Med 1983, 95(5), 628-630.      

6*Fialkov Yu.A.; Shelyazhenko S.V.; Dubur G.Ya.; Kastron V.V. DIFLUOROMETHOXY DERIVATIVES OF BENZOIC ACID AND BENZALDEHYDE.. Sov Prog Chem 1983, 49(2), 80-83.      

7Frolkis V.V.; Frolkis R.A.; Dubur G.Y. Antiarrhythmic effect of some dihydropyridine derivatives. FARMAKOL. TOKSIKOL. 1983, 46(6), 20-24.      

8*Gavars R.; Stradings J.; Baumane L.; Baider L. ESR spectra of electrochemically generated anion radicals of the nitrofuran series. J. Mol. Struct. 1983, 102(1-2), 183-197.      

9*Stradiņš J.; Gavars R.; Baumane L. Intermediate products of electrochemical reduction of nitrofurans in aprotic media. Electrochim Acta 1983, 28(4), 495-500.      

10*Benders Yu.A.; Stradyn' Ya.P.; Baider L.M.; Baumane L.Kh.; Gavar R.A. Intermediates in the electrolytic reduction of 2-pyridyl-1,3-indandiones in aprotic media. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1983, 19(2), 193-200.      

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