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1Andrianov V.G.; Struchkov Yu.T. Crystal and molecular structure of two "isomers" of the iodide of π-cyclopentadienyl-bis-(triphenylphosphite) iron. J Struct Chem 1968, 9(2), 182-190.      

2Andrianov V.G.; Stanko V.I.; Struchkov Yu.T. Crystal structure of iodo-meta-barene. J Struct Chem 1968, 8(3), 500.      

3Andrianov V.G.; Struchkov Yu.T. Crystal and molecular structure of two isomers of π-cyclopentadienyl-bis-(triphenylphosphite)iron iodide part II. J Struct Chem 1968, 9(3), 426-434.      

4Andrianov V.G.; Korotkevich A.F.; Struchkov Yu.T. X-ray data for some π complexes of iron tetracarbonyl with β-ketovinyl ligands. J Struct Chem 1968, 9(4), 622.      

5Andrianov V.G.; Struchkov Yu.T. The crystal and molecular structure of a new π-complex: The reaction product of σ-(β-acetylvinyl)-π-cyclopenta dienyliron-dicarbonyl with iron nonacarbonyl. J Struct Chem 1968, 9(5), 737-745.      

6*Kastron Ya.A.; Veinberg G.A.; Gavar R.A.; Hiller S.A. 2, 4-Dimethyl -5 -nitrofuran -3 -carboxylic acid and its derivatives. Chem. Heterocycl. Compd. 1968, 2(6), 657-661.      

7*Andrianov V.G.; Chapovskii Y.A.; Semion V.A.; Struchkov Y.T. Crystal structure of two "isomers" of π- cyclopentadienylbis(triphenyl phosphite)iron iodide, C5H 5FeP(OC6H5)32I. Chemical Communications (London) 1968(6), 282-284.      

8*Andrianov V.G.; Struchkov Y.T. Crystal structure of the unusual product of reaction between σ-(β-acetylvinyl)dicarbonyl-(π-cyclopentadienyl)iron and enneacarbonyldi-iron. Chemical Communications (London) 1968(24), 1590-1592.      

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