Participation of principal investigator Henrik Biverstal at the international ISMAR 2015 Conference

The international ISMAR 2015 (International Society of Magnetic Resonance) Conference was held in Shanghai, China, from August 16 till August 21, 2015. ISMAR conference is one of the biggest international meetings of magnetic resonance(MR) and has been served as the most important platform for sharing latest research achievement and ideas for international MR community since 1971 (for further information please visit

During the conference H.Biverstal presented the research carried out at LIOS, with help of visual material (see photo attached), as well as promoted NFI contribution to the project realisation.  Participation in the ISMAR conference allowed to spread the information about research process, to network with scientists working in the same field, and to learn of new techniques that could be beneficial to the planned experiments within the NFI project.